Positive Pause – 30th March, 2015

sunflower largeThis week, as this month comes to an end and we have an extra hour of light, use the following positive  visualisation to focus on bringing out your best self.
Before you close your eyes, write down three  positive emotions/feelings that you wish to bring more of into your life.  Also write down three unwanted or negative emotions, feelings or behaviours  that you wish to be free from.
Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  With each breath imagine breathing in each of the positive feelings/emotions that you are welcoming in.  Imagine you are taking  a journey and you are packing the positive feelings into a bag and taking them with you. They can be images, coulours or anything that represents the emotion. Imagine soaring high up and as you look down you see the negative feelings, emotions and behaviours  are being left behind. As you rise up higher visualise the negatives getting smaller and smaller until it is difficult to see them. All of a sudden,  find yourself in that beautiful place above the clouds where everything is still and as you breathe in and out you focus on the positive things that you have safely packed with you on this journey.
Keep the list of the three positive emotions and glance at it first thing in the morning, last thing at night and any time you wish to remind yourself of the journey  you have decided to follow for the new month and beyond.

Positive Pause – 23rd March 2015 – Positive Suggestions

This week, focus on the power of suggestion from your conscious to your subconscious mind.  An example of this is when we automatically give ourselves unhelpful or negative suggestions such as, “I am always tired on a Monday morning” or “this meeting is going to be tough”.

Semantics and suggestions contribute greatly to our mental well-being.

This week turn your “internal conversation” around by giving yourself the suggestion that “tomorrow morning I will wake up with lots of energy” or if there is a challenge in work, look for an aspect that you feel confident about and suggest to yourself, “this meeting will go really well”.

Positive Pause 9th March, 2015 – Thinking outside yourself.

Thinking outside yourself.

As the evenings are becoming brighter, if you find the opportunity to go for a walk one evening this week, take it! A gentle, solitary stroll where you focus all of your attention outside yourself on what you can see, hear and smell is a good mental workout to calm a busy mind after a stressful or long day. By choosing to use your focus in this way, you will be open to a general sense of calm and well-being.  You may even allow yourself to experience the wonder of hearing the birds sing at twilight.