Positive Pause – 27th April – Be

‘If you want to be happy, be.’ Leo Tolstoy

This quote on happiness from the Russian novelist seems, at first glance, almost too simple.  With a little reflection, the depth of his words become profound.  The state of “being” and not doing is at the core of mindfulness and meditation.  The cultivation of “just being” is the constant returning of our awareness back to the present moment. When we are truly “being” in the present moment and our minds are free from the constant traffic and noise of our thoughts we have every chance to implant the seeds of happiness and joy.

Positive Pause – 20th April – Positive Mindset

sunflower large“You have power over your mind – not outside events.  Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius.

 The famous Roman Emperor believed that we are all responsible for finding, creating and maintaining our own happiness.  If we can find strength and peace in ourselves then happiness follows suit.  Aurelius said that “our happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts.”  By allowing our thoughts to be positive even in the face of adversity we can conquer most challenges.

 Aurelius practised what he preached and kept a strong positive mindset through great hardships of almost constant wars and disease in addition to losing his parents and brother at a young age.

 This week, when faced with a situation that you do not like but have no means to change, accept it in the first place and secondly, decide how you wish to respond.  This is where your positive power lies.

Positive Pause – 6th April, 2015 – Espoir

Espoir is the French word for hope.  Hope is the essence of a positive life. Hope is what has allowed millions to endure unendurable conditions.  Hope has brought success  and happiness to many who have ‘failed’ in their many attempts at success and happiness.

This week, if the opportunity presents itself, take yourself out to nature; if you live in the city, a park or your back garden will suffice. Nature has an abundance of effortless hope, regrowth and renewal especially now in Springtime.  If you happen to see a beautiful butterfly  or a bird or even a flower, take a mental snap of the image and make a conscious link in your mind with “espoir”.  Bring this image to mind as you go about your week especially if you feel tired or overwhelmed; the image will become embedded in your subconscious and you can simply bring it to mind as and when you need to access positive feelings. After all, as with all natural things we have the ability to heal and renew ourselves with each breath we take.