Positive Pause – 30th November 2015 – Gut Instinct

Gut instinctWe all have to make many decisions every day and sometimes our circumstances demand bigger or more crucial decisions be made. This can seem overwhelming – knowing what is the best path to take. Life altering decisions such as whether we should take a new job we have been offered, if we should buy or sell a house or what school should we send our kids to? The weight of these decisions can become heavy as the perceived results are significant.  We therefore often ask family and friends for their opinions, we research, ruminate and ponder what the outcomes might be for each decision we have to make.  All of these steps might appear to help but the reality is that they often add to our confusion.

The answer to making any decision lies in your gut feeling.  If you have feelings of discomfort when you consider one of the options then you should  know that this is not the right decision for you.  Do not rush into making a decision until you have become aware of your gut instinct or feeling. This is the strongest ally you have – learn to trust it.

Positive Pause – 23rd November 2015 – Turning Tragedy Positive

focus on the goodWhy does it often take a tragedy for people to do what they really want to do?

This week, consider anyone you know who has faced a terrible tragedy in their lives; a bereavement, serious illness, the loss of a home or one of the struggles that many of us face.  You may even have had a recent trauma yourself and are trying now to cope with the everyday business of getting on with your life.
People who lose a loved one, for example a spouse or parent, often decide that they wish to start to focus on the areas of life that make them happy.  They are no longer content to settle for a life that disappoints them or to spend time with people who drain their energy.  We can learn something from those who do not just survive a tragedy but overcome it and thrive. Take a moment to identify what you value in your life, what activities you enjoy. Ask yourself, who fills you with positive energy? Turn your attention towards these things more and more rather than waiting for a tragedy to remind you of what is important in life. Turning tragedy positive.

Learning to Live with Chronic Anxiety

If depression is the common cold of mental illness, then anxiety, now epidemic, must be akin to allergies or asthma – if not normal, exactly, then at least a common variation. Here, Julia Molony details her decade-long struggles with persistent negative thoughts, and shares what light there is.


Positive Pause – 16th November 2015 – Play

children playingThis week, think back to what your favourite activity was as a child.  If you loved to rollerskate, play football, hide and seek or paint a picture, is there something stopping you from doing this now?  If so, take some free time to get back in touch with that side of you.

You can do this with children in your life or even with open-minded adults; you might be surprised at how many adults still like to play.  When we play, we are free. Our minds become completely absorbed in the here and now and the only goal in mind is having fun.  This, in itself, is an essential part of our mental well-being.  So, go on, play!