Positive Pause – 29th February 2016 – “In dreams begin responsibilities”

In dreams begin responsibilities.This week, allow yourself to dream of achieving whatever it is that you really desire. Don’t limit yourself to ‘small thinking’ but allow yourself the freedom to think big.  What did you want to be as a child? What places did you want to visit? What made you feel alive? As adults, we often let go of childhood dreams such as becoming a famous footballer or a ballerina because we view the dream as unrealistic and question our capabilities to achieve it. “In dreams begin responsibilities”

Much of this self-doubt is influenced by society and the expectations on us, as adults, to be serious. This weight of responsibility makes it easy for us to drift very far from our original dreams, whatever they may be.  W.B. Yeats famous phrase “in dreams begin responsibilities” alerts us to the idea that achieving our dreams is possible if we are responsible about how we go about realising this. If we simply give up on our dreams and take on the responsibility of being adults without the dream, then it appears that we have all of the responsibility and none of the fun! This week, dare to dream!

Positive Pause – 22nd February 2016 – The Golden Centre in all of us

golden centreIn each and every one of us there is a golden light of eternal love and hope that illuminates our spirits.  It lives in our hearts and can be seen as our golden centre.  When we tap into this part of us that is full of unconditional love and is not tied to the ego or attached to seeking external approval, we have a well of goodness from which to draw on every day.

Visualise your heart being filled with this golden light. Think of the natural light of the sun and of how your body and mind respond when you feel the sun shine on you. The more often you cultivate this light inside you the more you start to see it shine in everyone you meet.  This can also be seen as the goodness that exists in us.  Focus on the goodness in yourself and you will find it easier to extend this love outwards. This week, if someone behaves in a way that you find difficult, irritating or unfair then look beyond their behaviour and imagine their golden centre.  When you really focus on this you become able to see that their behaviour does not represent the true essence of who they are.

Positive Pause – 15th February 2016 – The Magic of Friends

the magic of friendsThis week, seek out the friends in your life who give you an emotional lift.  When we spend time with positive people we benefit from their positive energy.  Think of the friends you have and consider contacting one of them you have not seen in a long time or one who makes you smile or laugh.  Reach out to them and make a plan to see them the next time you have space in your diary.  Spending quality time with positive friends boosts endorphins in our systems. This is the magic of friends.

Positive energy that we get from people who are open, friendly and have a desire to enjoy themselves is a wonderful tonic for our mental health. By choosing to spend time with positive people, their energy rubs off on you and then you can spread the good feelings to other friends that you meet. The feeling of being connected to others is vital to a healthy and positive mind-set.

Neuroplasticity – Fiona Brennan on Bressie’s Site – www.alustforlife.com

A Lust for Life logo - neuroplasticityNeuroplasticity – help your flexible brain create positive neural pathways everyday!

Imagine you lived in a world where from a young age you were taught to look after your mental well-being using a similar daily routine to brushing your teeth. This daily practice would ensure that your mind did not rot, decay and cause you pain. Read more…

Positive Pause – 8th February 2016 – It is ok to feel less than 100%

feel less than 100%If you happen to be suffering from a cold, sore throat or upset stomach (as many of us are at this time of year) rather than feeling frustrated and upset that your life has come to a halt, take a moment to accept the physical feelings as a signal that your body is fighting whatever the virus/infection it may have and that it will soon pass. feel less than 100% Acceptance.

When we accept that we may feel less than 100% sometimes and cultivate a belief that our bodies are healing at the right pace for us, we heal quicker. Non-acceptance is resistance and the body has to work twice as hard to get better when we resist the situation. This can also be applied to any unwanted feelings such as tiredness. Breath into the tiredness and take a few moments to accept that you are tired now but know that this will soon pass with rest and acceptance.