Anxiety/Stress Programme

This program also helps people suffering with panic attacks, low self-esteem, negative thinking, and low moods. Please click here to take the test for an immediate evaluation of your level of anxiety and self-esteem.
Fiona specialises in helping people cope with the crippling psychological, physiological and emotional effects of anxiety. She has helped hundreds of people struggling with unnecessary fear and negative thinking to make a positive shift and to feel calm and confident about themselves and the world they live in. Fear is an important survival tool but unfortunately many people are suffering from imagined worries and live needlessly in a constant state of high alert.  This has a detrimental effect on your health and well-being. Anxiety effects your confidence, your ability to focus and can also lead to depression.  Follow Fiona‚Äôs Anxiety programme and get the help that you deserve.  The programme is also suitable for low moods, low self-esteem, negative thinking and stress which often go hand in hand with anxiety.
Before the Consultation

Before your consultation you will fill in the following Personal History Form & Client/Therapist Contract and also have the opportunity to complete the following anxiety test as mentioned above. Please email the completed Personal History Form back to Fiona. These forms are an integral part of the process and help both you and Fiona to get a good initial understanding of what is happening for you and some insights into the roots of the anxiety.

The Consultation

This is an informal and relaxed chat lasting approximately 60 minutes where Fiona will help you to really understand the roots of the anxiety; finding the origin or origins is an essential step in moving forward. The idea is not about dwelling on the past but simply trying to understand where it first began to manifest. The consultation is therefore a psychological assessment with practical tools and techniques to help you.At the end of this session CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) practical and achievable goals are agreed in order to start the process of making positive progress. You will listen to a positive suggestions self-hypnosis MP3 that will help to ease your anxiety from the outset and program your subconscious mind to feel calmer and more in control. Many clients express an immediate relief after the consultation and notice their sleep and mood improves.

First Session
This is a positive programming session based on the content of the personal history form and the consultation in which Fiona will provide a tailored hypnotherapy session that focuses on positive, practical techniques and tools to help you cope in moments of anxiety or panic. New goals are set and progress is monitored.
Second Session
Acceptance : this session will use the principles of acceptance and self-compassion for dealing with moments or periods of anxiety. Acceptance as opposed to resistance is an incredible part of the healing process. During this hypnotherapy session you will learn to train your brain to practise kindness to yourself not only in moments of stress/anxiety but at all times. Developing a healthy relationship with yourself is key. New goals are set and progess is monitored.
Third Session

Understanding: In this hypnotherapy session you will further explore the origins and roots of your anxiety and/or panic from a place of strength and work on a deeper level on letting the anxiety go. This can include developing forgiveness for those whom you may feel are responsible for the unwanted anxiety. New goals are set and progress is again monitored.Most clients see significant improvements in their ability to cope and manage any stress or anxiety that arises. They also report feeling they are being a lot kinder to themselves.

Fourth Session

Letting Go and Future Pacing: this hypnosis session is designed to help you fully let go of the roots of your anxiety and to future pace you to maintain the positive feelings you will have been developing and working on. At this point, progress is monitored and together both you will decide if further sessions are required at this time. Many clients opt for maintenance sessions on a monthly basis. The brain is a muscle that needs to be constantly maintained and nurtured.Clients who experience a real transformation from a state of anxiety to calmness are consistent in carrying out the goals and exercises that are outlined after each session.