App Instructions Apple Devices

Support for iOS (Apple) is not yet available for The Positive Habit as a Progressive Web App and it is hoped to include this in the future. However, as the site is fully optimised for mobile it will still display perfectly on whatever viewport you are using.

In order to access your course faster why not consider adding it to your home screen as an icon?  As long as you remain logged in you will be able to access the page you were last on with just one click! It is easy, just follow these instructions:

Open Safari, go to and log in using your username and password.

Swipe up to reveal the image below and click on it:

Click on the Add to Home screen icon:

The Positive Habit icon will be added to your home screen – to access your course next time just click on the icon. If you don’t see the page you last visited on the course then select “Access my course” from the Menu and it will take you straight there.