Fear of Public Speaking Masterclass

25th May 2022 at 7.30 pm (GMT)

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Do these thoughts sound familiar?


  • What is wrong with me, why do I get so nervous before a meeting/presentation?
  • How can I get out of going to that meeting/giving that presentation?
  • Why can’t I handle meetings/speaking confidently like everyone else seems to?
  • Why do I waste so much time dreading the event, tossing & turning, not sleeping and then it often goes better than I thought it would… ?
  • Why does my voice shake/my hands tremble/my face go red? It’s so obvious I am nervous!
  • What happens if I just freeze and no words come out?
  • I am so embarrassed, everyone must be able to see what a mess I am..
  • Will I ever be able to get over this?
  • If I don’t get a handle on this I may have to leave my job…


If so you are not ALONE!


In my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I hear intelligent, capable, highly successful people who excel in their work think these very same thoughts. Many outwardly, seemingly confident people are struggling on the inside and exhausted before, during and after they speak in public.

In the workplace and social gatherings many people hide their nerves and as a result you may think you are the only one who dreads speaking in public. In fact the fear of public speaking is one of our greatest fears ever…. I will help you to understand WHY YOU feel the way you do and HOW you can change it.

About Fiona Brennan

Fiona Brennan speaking at TedX

Fiona Brennan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, two-time best-selling author, mindfulness, and certified NLP practitioner. Fiona has a booked out private clinic with a long waiting list in Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Fiona has trained with the eminent neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson in positive neuroplasticity has a Higher Diploma in Theatre & Performance from UCD and a Higher Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis awarded by Clinical Hypnosis Ireland. She also completed an online course on Positive Psychology with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the highly respected positive psychologist, Barbara Frederickson and a Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness with Padraig O’Morain at the Institute of Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Fiona is the mental health expert on Today FM (Ireland), a TEDx speaker, blogger and an ambassador for positivity in the media. Building on her success, in 2016 Fiona launched her online, five-star rated, hypnotherapy program, ‘The Positive Habit’ which now helps people all over the world. Her first book is the Irish Times and Eason’s bestseller, ‘The Positive Habit,’ published by Ireland’s leading non-fiction publishers, Gill Books and her most recent book, The Self-Love Habit was published in February 2021 and hit the best-selling list straight away.

On public speaking Fiona says: 

“I really understand the anxiety many people suffer from when it comes to speaking in public.  The fear can be crippling and really affect the person’s ability to progress not just in their career but also the impact it has on their personal lives.  Before I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist (almost ten years ago) I worked as a professional actress. It was on the stage and in front of the camera where I first learnt the art of managing fear and speaking confidently.  However, it is in my later work as a corporate speaker, regular media contributor,  key note and TEDx speaker that I elevated this skill and learnt the true power of communicating with purpose. 

Today I love all forms of presenting and want to share both my personal experience and also my deep understanding from a therapeutic perspective to help you shine online or off, to one person or thousands.” 

You can see the full range of companies, organisations and events that Fiona has spoken at here.

What will you learn?

How to Utilise Your Subconscious Mind for Confidence 

The origins of the fear of public speaking both collectively and individually 

The neuroscience of what happens to your brain and nervous system when you are center stage. 

The importance of programming your subconscious mind to let go of the fear and why repetition and affirmations work. 

Your personal public speaking strategy for success

How to manage your nerves and turn them into positive energy to help you perform better 

 A three step protocol to follow before, during and after each event.

The secret to liberating your mind from crippling self-consciousness 

A live hypnotherapy tailored to the specific needs of the online community.

Fiona will guide you through a powerful mental rehearsal where you imagine yourself presenting with confidence & clarity.

And there’s more…

After the workshop you will be emailed a hypnotherapy audio specifically designed to help reinforce your ability to present in public with confidence, clarity and positive energy.


25th May 2022 at 7.30 pm GMT online. Please register using the form below.

N.B. The event will be available for playback at the same link until midnight on Sunday 29th May.

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