Confidence/Public Speaking Programme

The fear of public speaking is so common and if you are suffering from this you are not alone. Even the most confident of speakers will suffer from performance anxiety when addressing an audience. However, if your nerves are so strong and you find yourself shaking, sweating, and having difficulty breathing or your voice trembling then you really do need help to tackle the issue successfully. People who suffer from this fear often feel that their confidence is knocked in other areas of their lives such as social occasions and work meetings with their superiors.
In the consultation Fiona will help you to shine a light on the root of your nerves which can often go right back to childhood and/or a situation where you feel a presentation went badly. Getting to the root of it is the first and essential step to moving forward.At the end of this session CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) practical and achievable goals will be agreed in order for you to start to make positive progress. You will listen to a specific positive suggestions, self-hypnosis audio MP3 that will help you to boost your confidence and program your subconscious mind to feel calmer and more in control.
Session One
This is a positive programming session that focuses on helping you to build your confidence in general and in particular for presentations. It can help the sessions if you have a particular presentation that is on the horizon and at which you would like to excel. Practical techniques are planted into your subconscious mind to help you cope through and moments of panic or fear and also to help you to physically calm your body and mind. Visualisation techniques are used to imagine the presentation going very well. New goals and affirmations are set.
Session Two
The roots of your fear are examined and reframed to avoid the subconscious from holding onto the event or events as a means of protection. It is really important to help your subconscious let go of any unnecessary fear that it is holding onto for you. From this place of strength you are future paced step-by-step through your presentation. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination and your confidence will grow as if you have already completed a magnificent speech or presentation. After the session you will physically rehearse the speech in front of Fiona; the more often that you practise the more your confidence grows. New goals and affirmations will be set.
Session Three
This session is all about future pacing and putting all that you have learnt into practice. You will see yourself behaving exactly the way you wish to. You will see your career taking off and impressing the people you want to in order to forge ahead and get the recognition that you deserve. New goals and affirmations will be set.Please note at this point many clients will opt for monthly maintenance sessions when and if required.