The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 19th February, 2018 – Open to Love

I hope you have had a good week.  On Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, the city was full of people rushing about with flowers for their loved ones. We got a bit muddled and ended up going for an impromptu Valentine’s dinner on Pancake Tuesday and then eventually making pancakes on Thursday! This ‘flexibility’ with our celebrations got me thinking about the whole concept of being more flexible with love in general and the teachings of the Dalai Lama on romantic love, in particular.

In ‘The Art of Happiness,’ by Howard C. Cutler which is based on conversations with the Dalai Lama on many topics including romantic love, the Dalai Lama suggests that, in the West, we are conditioned to believe that romantic love is the secret to our happiness. The development of the concept of romantic love springs from Romanticism that originated in Europe in the early 19th century and which was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement. The princess and prince fairytales we read as children last long into our adulthood and can cause disharmony between long-term partners who feel that the romance in their relationship has gone and that they don’t match up to the Hollywood fantasy of what love is. Holding onto this fantasy often causes more disappointment than good in a relationship.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bunch of roses as much as the next lady but my love is not dependent on receiving them.

In the East, people do not believe necessarily that romantic love is the ultimate expression of our ability to love. They tend to live and love in a wider community that opens the possibility for love to flow in all of their relationships.

When we are open to love it can be found everywhere, each person, each child, all of our relationships offer the potential to love.


This week, whatever your relationship status, whether you are single, dating, engaged or even married, open your heart to yourself and all those in your life.

When we connect to others with no expectations we are creating a world of joy for ourselves and those in our world.

Have a lovely week and please watch The Positive Habit, Stress-Free, Anxiety-Free, week three video below. This video is the beginning of a series on acceptance being the first and most crucial step to letting go of unnecessary negativity in your life. The feedback for the previous videos has been great and I am delighted that they are helping people to live more peacefully.

The Positive Habit – Anxiety Free – Stress-Free – Week 3 – Tips and Hacks for Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

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