App Instructions – Android (PWA)

Although The Positive Habit and Sustaining Positivity courses are already optimised for mobile we have now made them available as an App (Progressive Web App or PWA) on Android devices.  This combines the best of mobile web and the best of mobile apps to create a superior mobile web experience. The PWA is installed on the phone like a normal app (native app) and can be accessed from the home screen. You don’t need to go to the App Store or Google Play store to download and install.


  1. When you first visit The Positive Habit website from a supported mobile device will see an “Add To Home Screen” notice (from the bottom of the screen) and will by clicking this will install an icon onto the home screen of their device. Every page visited is stored locally on your device and will be available to read even when they are offline!
  2. You can then return to the website by launching the app from your home screen and interact an app-like interface with much faster loading times. So long as you remain logged in to either The Positive Habit program or the Sustaining Positivity program the page you last visited on the course will open saving you time from having to open a browser, locate the URL and log in! If you don’t see the page you last visited on the course then select “Access my course” from the Menu and it will take you straight there.