Quit Smoking Permanently

Fiona Brennan has developed a unique and carefully tailored quit smoking program with high success rates. Fiona feels very passionate about helping people to quit smoking as it is an area close to her heart. She is an ex-smoker and understands well the mechanisms that can cause people to smoke even when they no longer consciously desire to do so. 95% of the addiction to smoking is psychological and this is why hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you to stop smoking.

The program is broken into two sessions, a consultation followed by the quit smoking hypnosis session which is usually scheduled 7-14 days after the consultation. However, before your consultation it is essential to fill in the following quit smoking client form for completion and return by email to info@fionabrennanhypnotherapy.com (Please note the form is in Word .docx format).  Please answer the questions honestly and give as much information as you can provide.

It is also important to ensure that you really want to stop smoking and that it is your decision and not based on someone you love that wants you to stop.


Consultation: Strategy Session Towards Being Smoke-Free

This is an essential part of the process. Fiona will discuss with you your smoking history, why you are smoking and all of the connections you have with smoking. This is where you start to demystify the root causes and out-of-date beliefs that caused you to start to smoke in the first place. Many people started to smoke as a teenager or young adult and the reason they they did so is no longer valid; ironically they may have started smoking in order to be “cool” or to fit in and now realise that smoking is seen as anti-social. Consequently, many smokers now feel ashamed of their habit and see it as the total opposite of “cool”.At the end of the consultation a clear strategy is designed by Fiona to help you start to prepare for the hypnosis session and the day you will become smoke free. It is really important that you are ready on the day of your session and this is a vital stage in the process where you prepare your subconscious mind to quit.

You will be asked to listen to a self-hypnosis recording each and every day before your session and this will really help to prepare both your conscious and subconscious mind. You will also be asked to cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke and this will help build your confidence to quit completely.

Depending on how ready you are to really stop, your hypnosis session will be scheduled for 7 or 14 days after the consultation.

The Quit Smoking Hypnosis Session
Most people feel nervous and excited on this day; it is a big step and one to feel very proud of taking. A lot of people report that quitting smoking gives them increased confidence and motivation in other areas of their lives. New habits will discussed to help replace the old, negative habit of smoking. We will also address how to cope in stressful situations and social situations that used to act as a trigger for you to smoke. All of the information from your form and consultation will be used to design a session that is unique to you. You will also be given techniques to help you to ride through the first three days of not smoking which is how long it takes for the nicotine to leave your body.
After the Session
It is essential to cement the hypnosis session by listening to a self-hypnosis audio mp3 every day for 21 days and every second day for a further 21 days. Fiona will email you to check on your progress and to remind you to continue with the mp3. At this stage you will be smoke-free and nothing should convince you to restart.