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How to Develop the Positive Habit of Reading

Book Suggestions for September 

"When I think of all the books still left for me to read, I am certain of future happiness."

Jules Renard
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Have you ever been in that position when you tell a friend about an amazing book you have just finished and they cut you short and say, "Oh, I'm not a great reader"? Or perhaps it is your good self that says this? People who "are not readers" often suffer from a genuine or perceived judgment that they are intellectually inferior in some way. Utter nonsense of course, but I do believe they are missing out. 

What does it mean when someone says they are "not a reader"?  And how can they/you be so definitive? If so, they/you are being deprived of one of the most relaxing pursuits we have available to us as human beings. Many of my clients say "they used to love reading as a child" but that they don't have time to do so anymore. It has become a luxury they cannot afford. I understand that ...but by shutting down this part of ourselves we do ourselves a great disservice as we lose the skill of using our imagination. Kids who love to read will not say they don't have time, they seek it out naturally so that they can enter the world of the imagination, and in that world anything is possible. 

I grew up in a house where the walls literally looked like the picture above; books were our wallpaper. My Dad (a poet) taught me to have the utmost respect and love for books. Thank you, Dad. I am a  very social creature but I also love to be totally alone with nothing but myself, a good book and some relaxing sounds. Perhaps you are already an avid reader or you never really developed the habit? Perhaps you prefer learning and exploring the world via audio and video? Either way, I encourage you to keep an open mind when it comes to the magic world of reading. 

In this week's video I explain the top 3 reasons why developing a daily reading ritual will enrich your life and help create and sustain positive mental health. 

This week's blog also contains my top book suggestions for September. Next week I'll share my podcast recommendation. Please do let me know if you have read any of my August book suggestions? 

I got lots of feedback on last week's blog, especially from women saying they too are proud of the year they were born so thanks for that. This week, let me know about how you feel towards reading, I would love to hear. 

Sending light and love,


Non Fiction - As A Man Thinketh,
James Allen

If you haven't read this already, chances are you will have heard of the title as it is a seminal book written in 1903 and now very famous. I loved it because it is original self-help literature that paved the way for the positive psychology movement. The principle is at the heart of the work I do with my clients. Your thoughts create your reality. Change your thoughts, change your reality. The opening lines of the book best sum it up:
"Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass."
An American Marriage,
Tayari Jones

If you like character driven books then this one is for you! Meet Roy and Celestial who, just one year into marriage, become traumatically separated when Roy is accused of rape and incarcerated. This provides a challenge that few of us can imagine having to face. In addition, the book also illustrates just how difficult the relationship between the police and ordinary black people in the USA is. It is particularly resonant at the moment with all of the attention around the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Without spoiling things, the question I was left asking was - do you think it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time?
3 Reasons Why Reading is Good for Your Mental Health! 
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