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Why do we find it hard to focus on good news?

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More good news this week with the announcement from pharmaceutical company Pfizer that they have developed a vaccine for Coronavirus that is 90% effective and with no known side-effects at present. This is huge. Whatever your stance is on vaccines, this has the potential to save millions of lives, not just physically but also mentally.

When we hear good news, whatever it is, and even if it is not perfect, don't be afraid to feel joy!

The human brain is an expert at underplaying the positive and over-focussing on the negative. We encounter this in the media and also in our daily conversations; while the number of Covid cases is common knowledge, the number of recoveries is not often given any attention. 

The negativity bias has enabled the survival of the human race by making us alert to danger. Although it can still save our lives in the short term by identifying immediate threats, over the longer term it has the potential to cost us our lives by putting us under constant stress. To counterbalance this we MUST focus on the positive while not ignoring real threats. In order to maintain homeostasis and physical and mental balance please soak in the good news.

It is true we don't know what will happen tomorrow, but for now, and at this moment, please allow yourself to feel joy and relief. 

In this week's video I help you to work through solving 'challenges' as opposed to ''problems'.  

On Saturday I recorded a podcast with Karl Henry for his show 'Real Health,' sponsored by Laya healthcare. I really enjoyed Karl's positive energy and will share the podcast as soon as I can.

To those who left reviews on Trustpilot for my online program, The Positive Habit, I am really grateful, it means a lot to me. If you finished the program recently or even a couple of years ago please do leave a review on Trustpilot.

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Sending light and love,


Why it's easier to solve challenges than problems!


I regularly deliver workshops both online and in-person where social distancing can be practised. 

If your company is interested in a Positive Habit wellness event please get in touch.  You can find out more of the companies I have worked with HERE
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I signed up to the positive habit…life changing!!
"I signed up to the positive habit online course during our first lock down when fiona so kindly offered it free to help us all with our mental health through this pandemic. I can't believe how much it has helped me, not only relook at the way I view myself and my heridtory heart condition, and the way I deal with it all on a daily basis, but also how to deal with the negative thoughts that creep in! Fionas voice has comforted me and guided me to live more positively, be happy, grateful, more self confident and belive in myself and my body. Its still a challenge at times but I now have the tools and the know how to deal with these challenging times in a more positive way... I am now reading fionas book, the positive habit, which is very inspirational and uplifting and makes me smile. I have all the mp3 downloaded on my phone and listen to them daily, these are a godsend. Also fionas weekly blogs are uplifting and I look forward to them. Having fiona helping me through this pandemic, and the long dark evenings is a shining light.. Ill be forever grateful to fiona Brennan. Thank you so much."

Testimonials like this drive me to reach and help as many people as I can. I developed this life-changing course in 2016 and the volume of people who registered and completed the course was never so high as during the lockdown. It was incredible to be able to help so many people and I don't want that to end. Not now, not ever. 

I have really noticed in my clinical work that, NOW more than at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, people are struggling to stay motivated and positive. Many also feel a sense of dread with winter approaching and what that might bring.

This uncertainty and changes we all face is causing an epidemic of anxiety but I am determined to help as many people as I can to not just to survive but to flourish in an uncertain world. 

In order to do this, I also need your help.  

Please donate if you can - to help us cover the running costs. 


Share Your Subscription on Social Media when you register - your voice is hugely important to help your friends and family to also benefit from the course. 

*The course is FREE with the option to donate. Its duration is 8 weeks but there is an option to extend if needed.

I am really proud of all the work we are doing so please do help us to help others. 
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the positive habit book - Fiona Brennan

'The Positive Habit' book is available to order online at Eason, Amazon, Book Depository, Dubray and through GoodReads.
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Warmest wishes, 

Fiona Brennan

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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