2FM Breakfast Republic2FM Breakfast RepublicFiona Brennan is interviewed on 2FM Breakfast Republic about her new self-help, six-week, digital programme, The Positive Habit.

Fiona will be helping Keith, Jen and Bernard to overcome unwanted habits using the powerful, self-help programme that she has developed.  Listen to the podcast here.  It is at 2h 45 mins. For more info on the Positive Habit programme please visit www.thepositivehabit.com

The Positive Habit. 2FM Breakfast Republic

The Positive Habit is an empowering and highly practical guide that puts you in charge of your well-being and teaches you to become the master of your own mind. Based on the Positive Psychology movement and cutting edge neuroscience* the programme  enables you to develop a positive mind-set that will help you to achieve whatever you desire without pressure and from a place of inner calm.

You will:

  • Follow a pathway each week
  • Watch tutorial videos
  • Carry out simple exercises
  • Listen to the corresponding self-hypnosis MP3 which works on a subconscious level.