sleep well, release anxiety and feel powerful

Would you like to be more emotionally resilient in your relationships? To feel more confident at work? To make healthier choices? Your emotional intelligence is at the heart of your opportunity to live a long and happy life.

Equip yourself with knowledge from leading wellness experts and build emotional resilience.

Join a growing community of people who like you want to feel empowered emotionally to live with vitality.

The Building Emotional Resilience webcast series is akin to a podcast but in the form of a webinar.  A live webcast allows you to participate in the event through the chat and polls function.  You are also welcome to be a quiet observer and learn from other members of the community. It is an interactive and engaging live experience for all.

The webinars are offered freely to the public as a resource to help improve well-being. With a constantly booked-out clinic and a busy schedule, this is Fiona Brennan’s way of serving those who are short of either time and/or money. We do accept small donations, which help us to cover our running costs so if you can afford to donate please do. By doing so you are helping us help others.

Next Building Emotional Resilience Webinar

Will Take Place in September.

Date & Guest to be announced.

Available on playback:


Previous Attendees Say

“My life and the way I appreciate things has changed forever. Thank you so much.”

“Had a few light bulb moments.”

“Thank you so much, Ryan, Fiona & the wonderful calm Ciaran for an amazing and thought-provoking webinar.”

“Thank you (yet again) for a wonderful session. Wonderful words. Every day is a school day.”

“Incredibly helpful.”

“Wonderful and worthwhile!”

“Fantastic will definitely rewatch this – very useful.”

“Thanks so much for the chance to watch this back-it’s helped me so v.much -I can’t express just how v.much appreciated this is/how grateful I am.”