Building Emotional Resilience

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Louize Carroll - BER 3

Building Emotional Resilience Webinar # 3

Core Strength # 3 – The 3 Principles to Successful Relationships

Fiona Brennan in Conversation with Louize Carroll

Would you like to:

  • enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships?
  • feel patient with loved ones? 
  • accept others as they are without the need to control?
  • feel secure in close relationships? 
  • spot the signs of a narcissistic person early on and avoid heartache?
  • say YES to yourself so that you can really be there for the people you love?
  • avoid the disease to please? 
  • navigate work relationships with grace and confidence?
  • feel comfortable with figures of authority? 
  • boost your social skills during Covid? 
  • set healthy boundaries that serve you and the people you love?

Do you:

  • struggle to make and maintain positive relationships? 
  • find the people you love the most also the most frustrating?
  • get irritable/angry with your family? 
  • feel concerned you are in a relationship with a narcissistic person? 
  • have high levels of empathy that others take advantage of?
  • worry about conflict at work?
  • find a boss or figures of authority a challenge? 
  • feel your confidence and social skills have suffered during Covid? 

In this Free, Interactive, and Live Webinar, Louize Carroll will help you to become emotionally resilient in one of the greatest challenges we have – our relationships. 

Louize’s appearance on the ‘The Narcissist Nightmare’ episode on the ‘Where is My Mind’ podcast with host Niall Breslin and Tony Bates was by far the most listened to episode of this leading mental health podcast in 2021. I am truly honoured and grateful to have her as my third guest on the Building Emotional Resilience Webinar series.  She is following in the steps of Pat Divilly and Dr. Mark Rowe, my first two guests. 

Louize is a Consultant Psychologist with over 14 years of training and experience working as a mental health professional in multiple sectors from corporate and private industry to the not-for-profit sector.

She spent a significant part of her career working for change in the mental health system for young people in Ireland through her work in Jigsaw.

Louize provides support and therapeutic intervention for clients globally, working with a broad range of issues including relationship difficulties, anxiety, trauma, and work problems. She is also a consultant for child protection cases providing comprehensive assessments on key issues including attachment and the impact of trauma/child abuse.

Louize is also the Co-Founder of The Blink Effect, a programme anchored in psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness which is designed to build psychological flexibility in aspiring leaders.

In addition, Louize is a regular media contributor for the column “Design For Life” in the Sunday Business Post, writing about relationships and mood problems amongst other subjects and she makes regular guest expert appearances on Today FM’s ‘Mind Yourself Now’ with Dermot and Dave and RTE’s business segment on RADIO 1.

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