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I have developed several courses that use the power of hypnotherapy and positive suggestion to empower you to be your best self.

All of these courses utilise powerful hypnotherapy audios to reinforce positive subconsious shifts.

I also run live online training sessions in Public Speaking, and Self-Compassion training.

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Light Up Your World is a premier 8-week online course.

It is taken directly from her clinical work and is a truly transformative programme based on cutting-edge and up-to-date research in the areas of hypnosis, positive psychology, lifestyle medicine, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

You will have lifetime access to the material which includes hypnotherapy audios, videos, progress quizzes, practical tips/tools, journaling prompts and extra audio guidance from Fiona.

The Positive Habit

Opening June 3rd 2024


Fear of Public Speaking

Live Online

Dates TBC

Self-Compassion Training

Live Online

Dates TBC



What They Say

Claire McKenna

The Light Up Your Life Course is a wonderful opportunity for self reflection and learning. Fiona has a wonderful way of weaving insight and expertise into each of her videos which kickstart each stage of your journey. I learnt so much about how our minds work and about myself.

Jack Canfield - Author 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'

“Life-changing. Manifest the habit of happiness and success.”

Niall Breslin

“With Fiona it always feels like you are in safe hands. Like she is shining a torch so you can see your way in the dark.” 

Lorraine Keane

”Get ready to feel incredible!”