Building Emotional Resilience

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Building Emotional Resilience - Dr. Mark Rowe

Building Emotional Resilience Webinar # 2


Core Strength # 2 The Importance of Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Mark Rowe

The Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and How to Have a Happy, Healthy Christmas

Fiona Brennan in Conversation with Dr Mark Rowe.

  • Would you like to have a happy and healthy Christmas 2021?
  • Would you like to avoid the overwhelm that comes with this busy time of year?
  • Would you like to maintain positive self-care habits over the holiday season?
  • Would you like to feel calm if you are triggered by stress/anxiety or when dealing with family tensions?

Below are six pillars in Lifestyle Medicine and each of these pillars will help you to operate at your optimal physical, mental and emotional level.

  1.    Getting eight-hours quality sleep;
  2.    Maintaining a healthy diet (not over-indulging);
  3.    Maintaining your exercise regime;
  4.    Managing stress;
  5.    Avoiding risky substances (too much alcohol, drugs);
  6.    Community – how to really connect to the people you love at this time of year.

In the second of this very popular free webinar series, I am delighted to be joined by Ireland’s number one Lifestyle Medicine Doctor, Mark Rowe.

Dr. Mark Rowe has been a practicing family physician for over 20 years, having graduated from Medical School (UCD, Ireland) in 1991. He is the founder of the Waterford Health Park, which has become both the base for Dr. Rowe’s medical practice as well as the ‘Lifestyle Medicine Be Well Clinic’.

As a keynote speaker, Mark regularly delivers events and workshops for organisations around the world. His TEDx talk titled, ‘The Doctor of the Future: Prescribing Lifestyle as Medicine’ took place in University College Dublin in 2017. Notable engagements to date have included UCD Smurfit Executive Development, the American House of Representatives and a number of Fortune 500 companies. Mark is among the first of medical professionals globally to be certified as a Diplomate of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. Lifestyle Medicine is defined as an evidence-based ‘lifestyle first’ approach to prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Mark has always held a strong desire to change the culture of ‘a pill for every ill’. Instead he advocates lifestyle change as the best medicine for lasting wellbeing.

In this live, interactive webinar you will learn techniques to help you sail through the holiday season full of gratitude and joy while also making sure to protect your body and mind with healthy behavioural protocols.

Fiona will complete the session with a calming hypnotherapy to help you feel relaxed and positive about the holiday season.

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