Building Emotional Resilience

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Miriam and Gerry Hussey - Building Emotional Resilience

Building Emotional Resilience – Webinar # 4

Core Strength # 4 – The New Era of Consciousness – How to Awaken Your Mind

Fiona Brennan in Conversation with Gerry Hussey

Eckhart Tolle and other spiritual leaders believe that humans are slowly evolving toward a world of higher consciousness.

What does that world look like?

Could it be a world of peace and compassion? 

Together we will explore the benefits of cultivating presence both for yourself and humanity. 

In difficult times and often through intense periods of collective suffering awakening emerges.

We shall explore… 

What is conscious awakening?

How can you truly live in the present moment?

Why is compassion so crucial for our survival as a species? 

How can you not over-identify with your ego? 

What does living from the heart encompass?

In this Free, Interactive, and Live Webinar, Gerry helps you to awaken your mind to the new era of consciousness.

N.B. All donations will go to the Red Cross humanitarian appeal for Ukraine.

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