Building Emotional Resilience

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Introducing the Building Emotional Resilience Webinar Series


Core Strength # 1 Embracing Your Shadow with Pat Divilly

    • Do you feel there is a part of you that is sabotaging your progress?
    • Do you feel divided by what you know you should do and what you end up doing? For example, getting more exercise/establishing a meditation practice but scrolling your phone instead?
    • Do you feel that you need to suppress emotions in order to be accepted?
    • Are you ashamed of feeling angry, sad, or lonely? 
    • Do you feel you hold back from realizing your full potential?

In this empowering first in the series of Building Emotional Resilience webinars, I am delighted to welcome Pat Divilly Speaker/Podcaster, and Coach as my guest.

Many of you will know of Pat Divilly’s work. Pat has helped thousands of people all over the world to live a more healthy life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Pat is incredibly relatable, honest and is a genuine leader who is comfortable with expressing his own vulnerabilities.

Pat has done a significant amount of work on his own shadow self and studied the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model developed by Richard Swchartz that examines the different parts of ourselves and is a key component to shadow work.  Pat is also currently studying with Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry professional training.

“The shadow is exactly like any human being with whom you have to get along. The shadow becomes hostile only when ignored or misunderstood. Sometimes you must resist, sometimes show love, sometimes release, sometimes repress, but you can’t ignore it. Find the balance” 

Marie Von Franz

The term  ‘Shadow Self’  was first coined by Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist (1875-1961), and explores the darker side of our character – the parts of ourselves that are not easy to see and often lurk in the unconscious both individually and collectively.

In this live, interactive, and practical workshop we will ask you potent questions that will help you learn about your own shadow self:

    • Identify your own dark shadow
    • Identify your golden shadow
    • Learn to soothe your shadow.
    • Understand that ultimately it is more difficult to distract yourself and ignore the dark shadow self than to embrace it
    • Why loving your shadow self will help bring you closer to the people you love
    • Learn what your shadow selves have to offer

I finish with an empowering hypnotherapy/visualization to help your subconscious mind embrace and love your shadow selves.

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