Testimonials – The Positive Habit

“I highly recommend The Positive Habit course as it teaches you to take responsibility for your mental wellbeing. Fiona Brennan is a highly skilled therapist.”

Ivor Browne

Former Professor of Psychiatry & Chief Psychiatrist, Eastern Health Board

“…a self-help programme that works while you snooze and in fact sends you into a deeper sleep, happy days!”

“…I could feel the benefits after one week. I felt a general sense of calm and well-being that I cannot remember experiencing before.”

“…the programme was having a noticeable impact on my anxiety levels, the little things simply weren’t bothering me as much.”

“…I knew from the way I felt that the programme had worked for me, but the proof was in the pudding when I saw that the result of my survey at the end of week six was 88.89, a massive jump from my starting result.”

Michelle McDonagh

Journalist, The Irish Times

”After a couple of weeks, I noticed myself feeling better. I wanted to eat well, to go to the gym, to leave the house and go to my office instead of working from the couch…”

”….this programme was just what I needed. Non-judgemental, full of common sense and practical advice, it forces you to examine yourself and see how you can truly help yourself.”

Vicki Notaro

Journalist, The Irish Independent

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I think The Positive Habit is a great way to make a change in your life. I have always suffered from anxety but particularly in the last year it had gotten worse to the point that it was affecting my day-to-day way of life, from work, to my daily interactions with people. Having completed the course and looking back to when I first started it, I can see the positive shift that this has had on my life. My anxiety is not completely gone, but it has become more silent and I can take the techniques that I learned from the course to help me deal with it better. I think that for anyone looking to change, even if it’s small steps, this is a good way to start. Stay safe everyone. Aoife
– Aoife


Thank you so much, Fiona! This course has literally helped change my life around onto a better track – I was in quite an emotional, physical and mental rut before starting this course, but through hearing your calming, reassuring voice and the various tips and support in the mp3 audios and written material, I have managed to move on and dig myself out of that rut. I am now living in a much healthier, happier and content way than ever before 🙂 All the best!
– Tanya Turner


Thank you so much Fiona for making this powerful course available to the nation. It has empowered me and I feel more positive and happy about life, about myself, about my health issues and about the world! I now greet every day a happier person. I feel now that, ‘yes, I am enough!!’ I try not to let my thoughts define me, and can now change my negative thinking. Having the mp3s on my phone is a godsend. I’ve been listening to them daily and knowing they are there for me going into the winter with this pandemic in our lives, fills me with positivity and hope, not fear and dread. I now look at my health issues differently and don’t overthink them or sit ruminating about the ‘what ifs’. I will be forever grateful to have had the chance to complete The Positive Habit course and will continue to practise it. Namaste.
– Sinéad Callaghan


Thanks Fiona,you have the magic of giving and spreading positivity. Its a unique and special talent and thank you so much for your generosity. You are so lucky to have the full support of your family . When you have a happy home , nothing is a problem. Bye for now . Noel.”
– Noel Casey


Great work Fiona, excellently put together with the educational aspects, testimonials and quiz to track progress. A very positive and enjoyable experience all round! Wish you much success with this!
– Laura


This is the best program I have ever signed up to. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your positivity. Thank you so much Fiona, Sharon.

– Sharon Sherlock
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This course has made such an immense difference to my understanding of the need to feel more positive in everything I do and feel. I have had so many years of feeling worthless and unable to trust people but now I finally understand where those feelings have come from and why I have carried them around with me for so long. Listening to the MP3s has changed my way of thinking and allowed me to focus on letting go of negativity. I can now approach negative situations more calmly and without conflict. Thank you for making this course available during these past few crazy lockdown months. I am profoundly grateful to you.

– Janet Picket


Amazing empowering, my pandemic promise to me was to complete it & I did – thank you so much Fiona – a lot of great information- just brilliant – thanks again.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Great programme. I would truly recommend it. Thank you.”
– Tina

Amazing program. I have learned so much about myself and some wonderful techniques to practise. I love the MP3s. I definitely recommend this program. Thank you Fiona
– Angela
Wednesday, June 10, 2020
I would highly recommend this program. I found it a great support during lockdown. Thank you Fiona.
– C O Sullivan
Tuesday, June 9, 2020
I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with this course over the last couple of months. It has really helped give a positive boost to my outlook on life, especially in these challenging days. There are so many invaluable takeaways from this course that I will keep with me to help maintain a positive self and contribute to a positive society. Many Thanks to Fiona for a wonderful and inspiring course.
– Caroline
Saturday, June 6, 2020
This program changed me, I feel fearless, calm, positive, and I would like to thank you!”
– Aga
Saturday, March 21, 2020
This program has given me a much more positive outlook. Thank you”
– Kathryn Walters
Saturday, February 29, 2020
This course is very powerful which helped me through a period of anxiety and allowed me gain perspective again. I have since changed jobs and have noticed that I now respond to stressful situations differently, remaining calm. I am much more aware of my stress triggers and have incorporated the positive pause into my daily routine.
– Nollaig
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
I highly recommend the positive habit course, it supports overall health and wellbeing which can improve all areas of life. Life can throw some curve balls and this course provides the tools to surf the waves and land safely on the shore. My thanks and best wishes Fiona x
– Anne Murphy
Sunday, September 8, 2019
The “ahah” moment personally was the inner child, awareness and responsibility. Much to think about. Thank you for this Programme.”
– Eithne Mooney, Early Years Educator


Amazing program. Highly recommend.”
– Megan – Student

This has been a fantastic course and it has definitely improved my outlook on life. It is not possible to change your life completely in 6 weeks but the course has sent me down the right road and I have made some positive changes in my life.
– Gordon Jennings – Project Manager

This course helped me find my way out of a dark & difficult time. Thank you”
– Gráinne

Thank you, while I would say I didn’t have any major issues, I still found this program amazing. It all made so much sense, and I’m delighted I’ve done it. My husband says there’s a noticeable difference. I’m buying it for my sister!
– Catherine L
Monday, April 8, 2019
I loved this course. I listen to the hypnotherapy every night going to bed. I do think this has made a big impact on me. I recently went through some family issues (husband ill). Though I was anxious as is normal in this case, I was much better able to cope with the stress of the situation than I would have been in the past. I am putting it down to having started this course last year, and other previously completed courses/books read and work I’ve done ‘on myself’. I think it is very important, as per your final synopsis of this course, that we all spend time every day looking after our minds. I am now working to transfer a positive outlook to my kids – it has certainly made me much more aware of how I speak to them, and how I respond to their worries and issues. Thank you Fiona for being such an inspiration. Marie. P.S. Love hearing you on Dermot and Dave!
– Marie Twomey, IT

Definitely find myself more positive in difficult situations that I would normally only see the negative side of. Definitely feel a change in my way of looking at situations.
– Fran
Thursday, February 14, 2019
A life changing program. Thank you. After years of self help books, therapy and anti anxiety drugs I am finally in control of my life. It’s an ongoing practice for ever but the steps Fiona has guided me on have truly made me a better person. The best version of me and I intend to keep this up. Thank you Fiona. I am looking forward to reading the book.
– Sarah, Health Care Assistant

I decided to give The Positive Habit a go because when I visited my doctor to talk about the anxiety I was feeling, the answer was to put me on anti depressants,which didn’t actually help and made me feel worse. I stopped the medication, gradually of course and signed up for this program. It has helped me a lot, I wouldn’t say I am over it completely but the improvement is inspiring me to sign up for the next step, Sustaining Positivity and I feel that if I keep going I will feel even more benefits. I like Fiona’s voice and it’s no effort to slip your head phones on at night before you sleep with the added extra of better sleep!
– G. M, Retired

Having done this course over the last few months, I am definitely reaping the benefits of it, after a difficult few years and particularly the last few months I have stuck to the programme religiously, listening to the mp3’s each night and putting the positive suggestions into action every day, I am feeling a lot less anxious and a lot more positive about the future.
– O D, Receptionist

I have found the content of this course most valuable. Having a daughter with special needs and facing daily challenges I am always looking for tools to help my anxiety levels. I found this course most valuable.
– P.K. Homemaker
Sunday, June 17, 2018
I really benefitted from this course and it has changed my once very negative mind to think more positively. It takes practice and hard work. Really enjoyed the mp3s.
– Yasmin, Teacher

An excellent course – every single person should do it.”
– Etain Boyce

Really think ive found the missing link to myself . Thank u Fiona im back on track”
– Mary L

Excellent Program. Really enjoyed it. Noticeable positive shift in me.”
– KB

I found the MP3’s very helpful.”
– John Buckley, Self Employed

I loved every minute – I have learnt so much about myself and my belief system – can not recommend highly enough , Thank You Fiona.
– Louise Harney

Thank you. I really enjoyed the course. It has helped me with my eating habits. Before “oh, I had sweets today, the day /week is” gone”, I might as well eat more sweets until next day /week”. Now I usually just have something and rest of the day /week won’t be spent eating sweets. Sometimes I still have more than I should, but in general there’s no “all or nothing” attitude any more. Thank you.
– BK, Homemaker

Really enjoyed the course. Didn’t get anywhere near completing it in the 6 weeks but I’ll go easy on myself! I like to analyse and organise my actions so I have written down many of the things I need to be doing and am currently trying to work out how to place these around the house to remind me to keep doing them – I expect this will help me reach higher levels of positivity. A good tip is a Bluetooth pair of headphones (no cables) to be able to listen to the audios in bed at night – a small thing that got me doing this more regularly than when using headphones with cables! Thanks Stephen.
– Stephen Cousins, Manager
Thursday, February 1, 2018
I began your Positive Habit programme a number of months ago and I have loved what I have done and what it has meant for me so far. Though I have more to complete, the methods you suggest for a calm and focused mind are so effective and not only provide for more positive moments every day but, taken as a whole, facilitate the conditions for positive and transformative life change. It’s really remarkable what you have put together for this programme and how simple yet effective it all is, so I’d like to commend and thank you for that.
– KG

I found the course very enjoyable and looked forward to reading and reflecting on all the information given. One issue I had related to not sleeping well. I found listening to the recordings put me to sleep within 5 mins as I got so relaxed. The course has helped me become more positive about aspects of my life that were causing me great stress. It has helped me put a lot of stuff in perspective and has taught me techniques to control the way I think and feel. I think it will be important that I continue to practise the many techniques so I can maintain and improve my mental well being. Thank you Fiona.
– J

I absolutely loved this course, found it so helpful, would recommend it to anyone. I especially loved listening to the MP3s which really do work, feel that I am better equipped now to deal with life.
– Pauline O Shaughnessy, Nurse

to even being able to go further in the process, I would have appreciated to have, at the end of each pathway, more writing exercices to do or even a list of actions ideas to choose from, to apply in the every day life. that said, I’ve enjoyed every pages of the program. thank you. I will certainly encourage people around me to do the program. N.P.
– nadine plante
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
With the help of this programme and the added benefit of Fiona’s authentic and caring manner, this programme is helping me to overcome both a chronic health condition and understand my unhealthy patterns and for this I am grateful. The only downside is that I am at the end of it, as I found it of great support and looked forward to learning how to change my life for the better. I am hoping to be able to continue with the monthly maintenance programme one day. Many thanks.

I feel more empowered and free from anxiety. I’ve realized that I am worth more than I previously thought. I’m becoming much more self aware and I’m not letting silly things annoy me anymore.
– Anna Jane Kingston, Teacher

The guided mediations were the best part – particularly as part of the sleep routine.”

I enjoyed the message this program provides but as always its applying and training oneself daily to achieve and practice. It was easy to read the chapters but hard to focus the mediation time. I hope to use the MP3 in the near future to again try and practice. Thank you for this program as if anything thing is was helpful.
– Christine

I love The Positive Habit! Having completed this programme and attended sessions with Fiona, I can say without a doubt that I have seen a huge improvement in my mindset. The Positive Habit has greatly improved my confidence and given me a sense of calm that has resulted in success in my working and personal life. I have already recommended this programme to family, friends and colleagues. I truly believe in the power of The Positive Habit.
– LG, International Bid Support Manager

This course is a very informative and worthwhile one. It teaches you how to create and maintain a more happier and fulfilled life for yourself.
– L.C. Teacher

I found this course to subtly change my subconscious to positive thinking. I started to wake up generally feeling more happy and optimistic about my life. I developed a self love and began to consciously self care in a way that I had not previously cared to do. I am very happy and grateful to have come across this course. ‘Thank you’ Fiona.
– SC, Relationship Mentor

Highly recommended, so much so I’m going to renew my membership and repeat the course .”
– Nathalie Stone, Strategic Financial Planner

Very good!”
– Cecilia, Financial Administration

Thank you Fiona. I really see a positive shift in my life and I will continue to practise the habit of positive thinking.
– Sean

– Misti

Fantastic programme”
– Mark, Offshore Worker

Found programme thought provoking and easy to follow. From the very beginning of the programme I looked forward to each pathway feeling the positivity build within me. Always felt energised after reading and listening to materials. Feel I will continue to use MP3 downloads daily. Thanks Fiona
– Helen, Nurse

This is an exceptional course. It is perfect for all areas of the mind and body. The wonderful aspect is that it is accessible in one’s own time and place.
– Helen Masterson, Retired civil servant

I’m so glad I came across The Positive Habit. The basic logic that underpins the course is clearly and convincingly presented. The content is well researched and well written. It’s a pleasure to read. No surprise then that it works too! 🙂
– E M

Very informative and effective course. I found the MP3s particularly helpful and fell asleep to them most nights. I find I am now more aware of trying to be positive but I also know it is an ongoing process as from experience we are met with more negativity than positivity. I am committed to continuing the process with the tools I have learned from this course.
– Mk, Administrator

Thank you.”
– JN, Scientist

Excellent programme. The one thing I was also hoping for, was to receive a summary of all the content/responses to questions that I provided during the 6 weeks. It would be nice to go back over that once your subscription has expired.
– V. T.

I have really enjoyed following this course. It was lovely to make that time for myself in a very busy life where I have realised that I had well and truly put myself last. I was amazed at how my scores improved as I went through the program-when I looked back I couldn’t believe how low they had been in some areas. It is amazing how it has really been mainly a subconscious journey as I am mostly unaware of how and why I feel so much better. There are still times when I feel stressed and down but I am much more accepting of these times and much less hard on myself during them and so I find that the negativity passes sooner than it would have before. Thank you so much Fiona.
– Orla, Mum
Monday, February 27, 2017
Throughout my 20’s I suffered with anxiety and have always been hard on myself! When I turned 30 I decided to overcome this, trying various meditations, etc which did guide me on the right path. However, nothing can compare to The Positive Habit! Through this I have learned to be kind and compassionate to myself and have let go of and many old negative habits. I love the MP3s and will continue to listen to them. The Positive Habit has been life changing. A sincere thank you Fiona.
– M

I think the course helps me to be positive and has changed my outlook. Whenever I feel a negative thought rising I just stop it and remember I’m now being positive. It’s that simple!
– Anne Forsyth, Retired

This course was a Christmas present to myself and it’s the best present I have ever received ! I didn’t realise just how hard I was on myself before doing this course. I now know how to show myself love and compassion just like I would to a friend. I am now learning to be my own best friend. It’s been a journey full of emotion but so worth it! Thank you Fiona.
– Philomena
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Program content was very relevant to my life and way of thinking. I needed this program to reset my focus. It was timely and coincidental. I intend to make positivity part of my everyday going forward. Thank you for the opportunity to refocus on the positive. I feel much better as a result.
– S.S

This is truly a wonderful and empowering programme and should be taught in every school. I was sceptical about it at first as I am in my mid sixties and have had a very stressful life so thought what’s the point now! How wrong was I!? It has given me the tools to cope better and relieve the stress. Rather than dreading old age I now feel better equipped. My whole family are doing it and so hopefully we will all be singing from the same hymn sheet soon! Thank you and wishing you every success with the programme.
– Cabrini, Retired Nurse
Saturday, February 4, 2017
Brilliant and inspiring”
– Gillian Madden
Monday, January 30, 2017
I found this very useful, and enjoyable. I feel the benefit of being more positive and that has lead to me being more relaxed and calm. I signed up for the thought on Mondays so hopefully it will be the reinforcement to keep me on track. Thanks.
– Eleanor Murphy, Granny/Wife/Mother
Friday, January 27, 2017
I likedthe course. I think a reading list or programmes to watch or listen to beside the course would be helpful.
– norma
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
I enjoyed the course. I feel like it worked to certain degree, would be better if you could keep it longer then the 8 weeks. there is so much to read and digest you should be able to keep it for a year to go back over it if needed.
– Hazel Murphy

Very helpful and easy to follow. I’ve now set good ground work to continue to become more positive by continuing to follow the tips and listening to the mp3s.
– RB
Sunday, January 22, 2017
Benefited greatly from the course and have seen lots of positive improvement. Would have liked some more exercises during the pathways but that wasn’t a major issue. I wasn’t able to give it as much time as I wanted to, but hope to keep going with the MP3s etc and see more improvement from that. Thanks for creating such a great course.
– CQ, Stay at home mom

I noticed ‘the shift’ from negative thinking to positive about 3 weeks in. Thank you.”
– Lynnr
Monday, January 16, 2017
Really enjoyed this course – having also done one-on-one sessions with Fiona this course came at a great time for me as I was in a crisis/low mode and felt like I needed her help. The mp3s and Fiona’s soothing voice were a comfort to me and reminded me of all of the work we had already done and of how far I had come. I felt anchored again and while I had one blip in my surveys during a week where I was very physically ill I saw steady progress and feel so hopeful and happy now. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone!
– BG

I have a long term illness called cardiomyopathy and find it hard to cope with this debilitating condition. I am very anxious,stressed and frustrated a lot of the time as have had to give up my job and find it very hard to live a normal life as I am always tired. This programme has opened up my eyes to what really is important in life and has helped my anxiety a great deal, so much so that I now look forward to socialising again. Thank you so much Fiona.
– John, Sales
Sunday, January 1, 2017
Excellent start to dealing with my anxiety.”
– Rebecca Jackson, Phd Student

I am in seventh heaven`and spreading the word. Thank you so much.”
– kk

The Positive Habit is amazing. It has really helped my mood after what has been a difficult year. I would highly recommend it. It should be on the school curriculum. Thank you Fiona.
– Shauna

Before discovering The Positive Habit, I couldn’t look myself in the eye, never mind announce that I loved myself unconditionally. I was sleeping 12 hours a night and was still feeling tired and lacking in motivation to do anything. I was sad and depressed. On 11 September, I stumbled upon The Positive Habit and I said to myself, why not, this looks interesting, I have nothing to lose. I found the section which discusses ‘how to parent yourself’ particularly helpful. The advice to talk to your inner self (just as you would talk to your best friend or your child) is invaluable. It sounds crazy but it’s a powerful technique. The idea is to talk to yourself with love and compassion instead of what I was doing, which was beating myself up because of past events in my life. I am convinced that you must find positivity from within yourself. Many people had told me that I needed to be more focused, but that only helps to a certain extent. The change has to come from the inside. This may be the best workout you ever do. But not a physical workout, a mental workout. You could call it a ‘makeover’ for your mind. In my opinion, this course is not just for people who are feeling down, it is also for anyone who just wants to improve their mental wellbeing. After finishing the course, I am sleeping better. I have rediscovered my motivation for work. I am happier and more compassionate towards myself (most importantly) and, in turn, towards others. I am delighted to have discovered The Positive Habit. Thank you so much Fiona Brennan! A.
– A.

The positive habit has changed my outlook on life! Taking time for myself and being kind to myself has resulted in a feeling of calm and well-being. As someone who has spent most of her life worrying about one thing or another it’s nice to finally have a peaceful mind! Highly recommend. Thank you Fiona.
– Karen, Music Teacher

I have just finished the course, and am well on the way to becoming a better version of myself. I am now enjoying ” the work in progress” the new me!. This course has given me the tools and the confidence to face my anxiety…. By chance, I saw an article about “The positive habit” in a Sunday paper and as I read the words, that were leaping off the page, it was describing me, I cried …. I knew I’d be ok!…This course doesn’t just treat the symptoms , it delves deeper, and gets you to rearrange and reset your thought process at your own pace…The MP3 meditation have been a sanctuary for me, Fiona guides you through a wonderful journey peppered with 20 minutes of constant positivity! Thanks Fiona, I’m laughing out loud again !
– J, Mum

Practical and effective – great course content and easy to use. Lots of food for thought and potentially life changing if practised daily.
– SB, General manager
Friday, November 18, 2016
I don’t know why but this course just worked! What I have noticed the most is the positivity of my daily interactions! People respond so well to you when you are positive! Thank you Fiona.
– Edel Jackson, Stylist & mum

– sk, Accountant

I enjoyed following this course. It makes perfect sense. I have benefited from it a bit at present and look forward to more positivity and happiness creeping into my life as I use the advice and adapt to what I have learned. Thank you.
– Margaret O, Secondary School Teacher/Stay-at-home Mum

Very practical, informative and manageable course. I really enjoyed this course and found that I am becoming a more positive person with a more positive outlook. Thank you.
– JC

Excellent, I found it really beneficial in highlighting how hard I had become on myself and how this has such a negative impact on every aspect of my life, and how being more compassionate to myself can change my perspective in everything I do and want to do and become for the future.
– Rachel Slattery, Manager

This course is wonderful. I was dealing with mild anxiety on a day-to-day basis for no apparent reason. This program has really helped me become aware of my emotions and surroundings. It was as if I was wearing blinders and stuck inside my head everyday. Working on my mental well-being for six weeks has really improved my life. I know I still have lots of work, but I know I now have the right tools to live my life with possibilities. I will recommend this program to anyone I feel may enjoy it. Thank you Fiona so very much. I am really glad I found this website from Google.
– Sam Olivares, Owner/ VP Operations
Monday, October 24, 2016
Hi I thought the website is very well put together. Having a limited number of weeks/ months to complete is also good thing. That said , the remarkable thing for me was I did feel a “Positive Shift”. I am really pleased that I did the course. It has helped me a lot. I will definitely recommend it to anybody I think could benefit from it. Kind Regards.
– PD
Sunday, October 9, 2016
Absolutely inspirational and life enhancing! This course should be mandatory! It’s a revelation, Fiona! Well done.
– Ciara, Journalist

Fiona, this programme is fantastic, it genuinely works. I had been suffering with al lot of stress and anxiety and I have honestly seen a huge improvement in my mental wellbeing. I still have off days and may very well book a one-to-one consultation with you, but overall I can cope with everyday stresses so so much better. My mum is doing the positive habit programme now too and I am highly recommending it to anyone who will listen. I am so open to promoting this and really believe in what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Kim’s Regards, Laura.”
– Laura Griffin, Sales & Marketing Manager

I found this course helpful and very appropriate especially with the busy lives most of us lead. Thanks Fiona I’m sure you are a huge help to many people .
– P O D, Horse Trainer
Thursday, September 29, 2016
Life changing”
– pc

I found the Positive Habit Programme superb – it was exactly what I needed to get me back on track after a tough few years. Thank you Fiona.
– Emer

Very Happy with the course and am going to continue with my progress”
– H
Friday, July 22, 2016
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking this 6-week programme. I have noticed a positive shift and feel alot calmer within. There still needs a bit more work but I believe it will come with practice and time.
– J
Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Transformational, effective and world class program. Thank you Fiona!!”
– Neysi
Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to use your program. I am in a much better place than I was when I started. I realise I still have some work to do but I have made huge leaps forward and realise now that these changes can be made and maintained. Thank you for all your help.
– AF

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


“Insightful and supportive. Each morning, I attend to myself by reading the units and by listening to the Pathway MP3s, and I find it sets me up for the day. Often I drift into a relaxed sleep at night whilst listening. By regularly practising the techniques suggested in this programme, I regard every day as an opportunity now. The Positive Habit works for me!”

– Kathleen Hyde

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


“Excellent programme, extremely well designed to keep brain in line. Very little effort from individual required because of design with max outcomes. Good I.T. Support. Am recommending it to everyone I meet!!!!”

– C

Monday, July 11, 2016
This is an excellent programme. I wish you the very best with it. The look and feel of the programme is very well thought out and executed. I’ve really benefited from participating and I hope to maintain what I’ve learned through this programme. Well done!
– Jennifer McConnell