Daisy House Empower OthersI have been fortunate over the last while to have been helping a group of women who are residents of Daisy House in Dublin.  I am running a series of workshops based on The Positive Habit. Daisy House is a registered charity that helps women out of homelessness. They do this through the provision of temporary accommodation combined with a uniquely tailored, individual, personal support program to women who are homeless. They provide the service for 18 months so that the cycle of homelessness can be broken. Daisy house believes in empowering the women to move forward to independent sustainable living. The ethos of the charity is to help the women to become independent on every level; rather than metaphorically  giving the women a fish, they teach them how to fish! Daisy House Empower Others

In my work I meet so many different people from all walks of life, but to date I have never had an opportunity to work with such a positive group of women who, despite their adverse and difficult backgrounds, were full of humour, fun and very open to making positive progress with their mental health. They provide an inspiration to all of us and the work that Daisy House does for these women is remarkable.

This week, if you have the opportunity to help someone in less fortunate circumstances than yourself, then please do reach out.  If you can help any individual, adult or child, to learn a new skill or to boost
their belief in themselves through your belief in them, then please do. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, is a step forward.

Daisy House Empower Others