I Have Time

If you think of this course as a mental workout which you do day-by-day, then you do have enough time to complete it.

The course is divided into two parts – conscious & subconscious control:

Conscious Control

The course takes an average of 20 minutes a day to complete the following:

Reading – there is an abundance of information that educates you on how your brain works and the importance of taking control of your mind rather than letting it control you.

Watching videos – each pathway has a tutorial video to help you get a grasp of what you will be learning.

Exercises & Quizzes – interactive and self- exploratory quizzes to help you to understand yourself better.

Subconscious Control

Each night you listen to a 20-minute audio MP3 recording.  You can even listen to this while you sleep and this way it will take no extra time out of your busy day. You can change the way you think as you sleep. This is an integral and essential part of the course which deals directly with your subconscious mind – where real change happens.

You will have access to the course for eight weeks. If you need more time please email us to request an extension. We realise that life can get very busy!