Laura’s Story

“I had just scraped through two years of a degree course that deep down I knew I loved but I battled with self-doubt. I was starting third year and knew I wouldn‘t make it through the year if my mind-set didn‘t change. I had no confidence in my ability and even the college lecturers where advising me to drop out.

I didn‘t feel like I had it in me to accomplish all that I so desperately wanted out of life but I didn‘t want to just give up. I had tried before and spent five years in my mid twenties doing a degree by night but ended up with nothing to show at the end of it and I couldn‘t let that happen again.

I grew up in a house where we were told to study but no guidance or support went with it so without any structure we all kind of just did our own thing. I was the type of child that needed my hand held and without any positive encouragement I fell to the back of the class at an early age. This resulted in me feeling like I wasn‘t intelligent and over the years got endorsed by one or two teachers and by the end of junior school I had written myself off and my results confirmed the same when I was streamed into the lowest performing class of my year in secondary school. So with no academic aims I rebelled and just about passed my Leaving Cert and was told I should do a secretarial course, so I did. I got an office job out of that and spent ten years working to live.

As a child it was very much a given that you should be seen but not heard and people often complemented my parents on how well behaved we were, so with that little bit of praise I picked up on I decided that this is what I must be good at and I ran with it. Over the years in my head it turned into I had no right to even give my opinion because I was probably wrong anyway. I had spent years putting myself down.

My sessions with Fiona really brought me on a great journey of self-discovery. It was a process that I needed to go through and for the first time ever I thought about, processed and now understand how my childhood experiences had affected me right through to adulthood.

It‘s amazing how such little things that are said to you as a child can stick and impact your whole life. Through the hypnosis, Fiona was able to get into my subconscious and help me deal with the past and move on, reinforcing the realization that I‘m not stupid but am intelligent and capable of achieving, so much so that I’m now in fourth year having excelled and finished second in my class with a 2.1 in third year and am now on course to getting a First this year – without the pressure!

Something that I would never have tapped into was that I had a real issue with pressure. Any sign of it and I would shut down. This gave me a lot of clarity looking back on college. But it was all in my mind and Fiona helped me address and concur it through hypnosis. Now I feel no pressure and I‘ve done more in the last two years then I could ever have imagined.”

Thank you Fiona, you changed my life.