Put a halt to rumination

This week, focus on your ability to manage your thoughts and in particular, to put a halt to the exhausting habit that so many of us have – rumination.

When something happens that we don’t like, for example an aggressive driver shouts at us; our boss is in a bad mood and takes it out on us or someone close makes a comment that we find hurtful, we need to be extra vigilant as the mind has the potential to run away with the situation. We can carry such negativity with us not just in that moment but for hours and days after the event.

As Socrates said, “know thy self’.” When we are self-aware we observe negative thoughts in response to an undesired event or comment.  We can then, through acceptance and self-awareness, choose to halt the process of rumination by  distracting ourselves or by taking a positive action that breaks the cycle (like going for a walk or reading a good book). Focus on your breath and bring to mind a sense of calm.

Give your mind the rest it deserves and allow negative energy to remain at it’s source so that you can protect your cultivated positive energy.