Neuroplasticiy - neural pathways

Imagine you lived in a world where from a young age you were taught to look after your mental well-being by using a  daily routine similar to the way  you  brush your teeth everyday.  This daily practice would ensure that your mind did not rot and cause you pain. Emotional pain is one of the most difficult for the human mind and body to endure. The unattended mind is, in essence, no different to your teeth. If ignored it has the potential to allow negativity to take over and to rot away the true essence of who you are. Neuroplasticity

When we are young children we lose our baby teeth but are given the opportunity to start again with a second set of teeth. Thanks to research in the last twelve to fifteen years we now know that our brains are also given second, third and countless chances to start again.  In essence, our neural synapses and pathways are malleable and flexible which means we are not stuck with our conditioning.  This is the concept of neuroplasticity. We can train our minds to be consistently positive and open and by doing so, can literally shape our brains with our thoughts which, as a result, will change the chemical composition in our brains creating dopamine and serotonin, both of which make us feel and relaxed and happy.

Our teeth grow back stronger and more resilient as adult teeth and when they are cared for they can last a lifetime and even shine brightly. Your mind can also work for you in this way if you care for it properly.

This week choose to focus on caring for your mind with daily positive affirmations that will literally change your brain.