Seligman qupte on Positive Psychology

Martin Seligman, the father of the Positive Psychology movement, has a plan that by the year 2055 55% of the world’s population will be thriving rather than languishing. Up until the development of “Positive Psychology”, Clinical Psychologists had only paid attention to methods of how to fix people who were suffering with mental health issues. Seligman and his colleagues, in contrast, took an active role in studying how humans could pursue happiness and make the most of their lives and that this would have a major impact on their mental health.

This week, consider your strengths and how best you can build on them. Consider how to develop and embrace all that is already positive in your life while at the same time thinking of how to progress. In order to thrive a good starting point is to be gratetful for all that you have and to focus on the activities that make you happy.  Flourish with positive psychology!