Positive Feeling Survey – Results

Score: 0 – 7 (0% – 19%)

Many thanks for taking the survey.  It would appear that you have some strong negative thought patterns that are no longer serving you and are most likely holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Many of us are caught in the ‘Negative Habit’ and unintentionally criticise ourselves, we give ourselves a hard time and can wear a mask at work or in social occasions. Rumination and self-doubt are very depleting of your energy both at a physical and mental level and can stop you from developing into the best version of yourself.

The good news is that you are not stuck and that you can carve new neural pathways by following this programme.  The Positive Habit will programme your mind for the positive in every situation in your life and it will also help you to develop an encouraging and loving inner voice that will guide you through all of life’s challenges.

If you would like to make a change such as to lose weight, eat healthier, get fit, build your confidence, sleep more peacefully, make a career change, or have better personal relationships, The Positive Habit will help you to do just that. This programme will teach you the most important skill of your life – how to develop and maintain a positive outlook about yourself and the world around you.  I encourage you to register now and to give yourself every chance to live the life that you deserve.