The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 6th November, 2017 – so Super Aware

Hello, my fellow Positive Habit people,

I hope you are well and spreading positive vibes each and every precious day. When you feel positive you give a gift to everyone in your life and unconsciously you are also lifting the souls of all those around you. ‘Positive Energy is Contagious’ was one of the slogans on the Dublin City Marathon posters last week and it is true, positive energy fuels us all for the marathon of life.

Some of you may have heard the phrase by Jim Rohn (American entrepreneur and motivational speaker), “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” The people we spend time with have a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves, our ability to reach our full potential and ultimately to love and live happily.  A useful way to consider the people in your life is to ask yourself if  they help you to feel better or worse about yourself? If it is better, great – seek them out and spend time with them. If however, you struggle and come away feeling drained of energy, questions need to be asked and lessons learnt as to why you feel this way.  The ultimate aim on The Positive Habit journey is to move from frustration to compassion when challenged by people stuck in negative thought patterns.

On Wednesday I sought out the company of a positive energy provider, (that makes her sound like an electricity company which is actually quite appropriate as electricity is a form of energy), a new friend who is both kind and fun, a fabulous combination.  As a fellow therapist, we have a lot to chat about and we can get lost in talks about Eckhart Tolle, Rick Hanson, Brene Brown and other spiritual leaders that we admire.  Over a lovely glass of wine, we were doing just that, chatting about how we have the ability to be full present in each moment. We felt that we are great and so super aware that maybe we could even share some of our wisdom with the great Eckhart Tolle and others! When the time came for us to ‘mindfully’ make our way home, my friend realised that she didn’t have her phone and assumed that she had left it in the hotel bar. When I rang it we heard nothing so she went back to the bar insisting that I didn’t wait and instead make my way home on Daisy, my bike.  Off I cycled, blissfully aware of my surroundings and appreciating the beautiful evening.  After a few moments I thought I heard a faint buzz from my bag but then was once again oh so mindful and appreciating the tops of the trees that I didn’t really think it came from my bag.  When I got home there was a more insistent buzzing coming from my bag. Yes, there in my bag was my trusting friend’s phone! So super aware was I that I didn’t just remember to pick up my own phone but I thought I would take hers as well!  I should add that this lovely lady has a hearing aid at the moment that she controls through an app on her phone  so losing her phone also means losing her ability to control her hearing. Always positive and aware she describes the situation thus:

“King Eckhart was whispering in my deaf ear as I struggled to understand the disappearance of my phone and remind myself “innnnnn this mooooommmmmennnnttttt, there IS no problem. Allllll iiiiiiissss weeellllllllllllllllll”

Not long after she turned up at the door with a big smile on her face and then headed home glad that she had dealt with the issue in a calm way that Eckhart would have been proud of!

Some of you may have seen the fantastic, first interview that Oprah Winfrey did with Eckhart Tolle.  If so, please watch it again. If you haven’t seen it then you should as it explains perfectly how we all have the capacity to awaken to each golden moment of our lives. Click Here to watch.

Reading this blog every week helps establish growing levels of positive energy and develops the positive habit in you. Please share this with five people in your network and spread the positive energy.

so super aware

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