Positive Pause – 3rd October, 2016 – A Mother’s Kindness

a mother's kindnessThis week saw the sad passing of a wonderful woman who was the mother of a primary school friend of mine. I attended the service for her last Wednesday, a warm and sunny afternoon. A mother’s kindness

It’s hard to put into words the impact that this lady’s kindness had on so many lives and in particular in her role as a mother, wife and grandmother. I hadn’t seen her for a long time as I knew her more when I was a child. My most vivid memory of her was how she would arrive at lunch break in school with hot toasted cheese sandwiches for my friend. She wanted them to still be warm and the cheese to be just melted for her daughter (this was when toasted sandwiches makers were a new and incredible invention).  I always remember looking longingly at the melted cheese!  The memory of this has always stayed with me – a woman who was clearly very dedicated to her family.

The service was beautiful and honest and her best friend said, in her speech, that this was a happy time to reminisce on all the joy that she had brought to everyone’s lives. She had been ill for a number of years and it was a relief to see the end of her suffering. She was a woman who had loved life and who had lived it to the full.  In particular she loved being outdoors and she had even come very close to being selected for Wimbledon in her youth.  One of my closest friends who was also at primary school with me summed it up when she said “she was an example to us all.”

Life is certainly short and the time we have here is precious. Later that day I sat in the park with my own mother and cherished the time we have together.  I remembered all the kindness and love she has shown me and how her positive light is like a beacon that has always guided me.

This week, allow yourself to consciously appreciate the people you have in your life. It often helps to think of the bigger picture when small irritations come your way. Show the people you love kindness and support at every opportunity, surprise them with random acts of kindness, a small gift or even a freshly toasted sandwich when they are not expecting it!

The greatest gift we have is time and how we choose to spend it and with who. A mother’s kindness