Positive Pause – 21st March 2016 – Enjoy Waiting

Enjoy WaitingHow do you respond to being asked to wait? Enjoy waiting

This week, observe how you behave when you are required to wait for something whether it is a bus, a friend, a coffee, an email, an answer. Check in with how you respond to being asked to wait.  See if you can embrace this waiting time as a gift rather than an inconvenience. Many of us feel our frustration building when we are in a queue or stuck in traffic. In this digital age have become programmed for immediate gratification and  our brains have become wired for instant hits. However, this impulse to get what we want NOW works against us and creates cortisol (the stress hormone) when our needs are not immediately met.

Part of the mindfulness movement is about creating “brain breaks” from our over-scheduled minds; when we are required to wait, life presents us with a golden opportunity to enjoy the moment when nothing is expected of us but to simply be. Changing our perspective on waiting from frustration to mental freedom from doing allows life to flow positively at all times.

This week, enjoy waiting!