Positive Pause – 3rd August 2015 – Workout for Mental Health

brain workout

It is easy to forget the importance of maintaining mental well-being and how it needs consistent TLC. Think of mental health in a similar way to physical health and you begin to get the idea; we don’t generally go to the gym, go running, do bikram yoga, get really fit and then sit back on our sofas eating fast food and expect to maintain a fit and healthy body.  Once we have reached our optimum level of fitness we need to maintain it.  It is useful to think of your mind as a muscle; once it has reached a level of health and fitness  it needs consistent maintenance.  Your mind is like the motor of a Ferrari – full of incredible power when it is looked after properly, but left uncared for, it becomes rusty and eventually stops working.

This week, pause for a moment and consider what you do to maintain your mental well-being.  A five minute meditation, a walk in the park, a good chat with a friend are all simple yet very effective ways of looking after your mental well-being and creating a  positive and optimistic mindset.