Positive Pause – 17th August, 2015 – Imagination is the Key

imaginationWe humans  are unique in our ability to imagine.  When we close our eyes and imagine something our body will respond as if the event is really happening. Numerous experiments have shown that people can increase their physical skills by imagining themselves practising the skill.  For example, in one experiment, two groups of people were taught a series of notes on the piano.  Neither group had ever played before.  One group practised playing the notes for five days, two hours per day.  The second group simply imagined playing the notes for the same amount of time.  At the end of the experiment, the “imagining” group had improved almost as much as the “practising” group.  In fact, they had completely caught up after two hours of hands-on practice.  Further, their brains showed objective changes in the neurons that control the skills.

This can be used to our advantage – we can start to create our lives in the way that we wish them to be by using the power of imagination.  There are no limits to the power of imagination.