Positive Pause – 28th Sept 2015 – Push Your Limits


This week, in the way that a circus performer constantly tests their capabilities, consider how you could really push your limits beyond normal expectations. Many of us set limits on ourselves and feel that once we have reached a certain point of skill we can stay there.  It becomes our comfort zone.  However, research shows that our brains stay young by constantly meeting new mental and physical challenges.

 Circus performers exhibit incredible displays of physical strength and skill.  They perfect their skill over many, many years of constant rehearsals, practice and dedication.  Apply this same principle to your own line of work, a creative pursuit and/or how you care for your family.  In order to reach your optimum level of skill and accuracy remember to always strive to reach your peak level of performance.  In order for this to happen, it is essential to care, first and foremost, for your physical and mental health.  When you are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically strong you will find yourself walking over the most challenging of tight-ropes and excelling at the same time.