Positive Pause – 15th February 2016 – The Magic of Friends

the magic of friendsThis week, seek out the friends in your life who give you an emotional lift.  When we spend time with positive people we benefit from their positive energy.  Think of the friends you have and consider contacting one of them you have not seen in a long time or one who makes you smile or laugh.  Reach out to them and make a plan to see them the next time you have space in your diary.  Spending quality time with positive friends boosts endorphins in our systems. This is the magic of friends.

Positive energy that we get from people who are open, friendly and have a desire to enjoy themselves is a wonderful tonic for our mental health. By choosing to spend time with positive people, their energy rubs off on you and then you can spread the good feelings to other friends that you meet. The feeling of being connected to others is vital to a healthy and positive mind-set.