Positive Pause – 14th November, 2016 – Awareness and Nightmares

awareness and nightmaresThis week the world needs as much positivity as it can get: is seems almost unbelievable that Donald Trump is in power.  The less said the better…awareness and nightmares
Instead, I prefer to turn my attention to the passing of Leonard Cohen.  Death is always sad, but in this case, we have much to celebrate – Cohen has left a wealth of music, poetry, and inspirational quotes for the world to enjoy.  Before his career in music, he dedicated himself to writing, mainly poetry and lived a semi-reclusive life on the Greek island of Hydra. The world should be thankful that, due to a lack of financial success, he came out of his shell to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter.  A clear example here of every cloud having a silver lining. Cohen lived his life to the full and released his fourteenth album only last month at the age of 82, writing and creating right up to the end of his life.

This week, the political events in the USA must have crawled into my subconscious because, despite  my best efforts to remain positive, I had a number of nightmares.  If you are the type of person who remembers your dreams, you will know how disturbing a nightmare can be.  Symptoms can include hot sweats, panic and overwhelming fear. When I was younger I used to get quite upset whenever I had a nightmare and saw it as a sign that my mental health was not good. However, I now choose to embrace these disturbing dreams as a  necessary part of my mental well-being. The nightmare is a mechanism whereby the subconscious mind deals with anything that the conscious mind has not done during your waking hours.  Thank you subconscious mind! My subconscious seems to be particularly suggestible which is why I have to be careful about the information and experiences that I expose myself to.  If you think of children and how impressionable they are, you can begin to see how your subconscious mind works. awareness and nightmares

On Friday morning I had the chance to impress 200 young minds by giving a short talk on mindfulness to Luca’s school assembly.  I explained to the children aged from 4-12 that they have a choice in how they wish to feel, think and behave and that this choice lies in their ability to be aware. I sincerely believe that this is a message that needs to be sung from the rooftops or at least taught in every school and not just once, but every day.

One of my favourite Leonard Cohen quotes is,

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

Awareness is the greatest gift of the conscious mind and is what separates us from most of the animal kingdom. Choosing to use your awareness to shape your own life will allow you to rise above all the fear in the world that is created by just the opposite, a lack of awareness. Just like Cohen, you have the choice to be brave and to bring out the best in you today and everyday, no matter what is going on around you.  And don’t worry about having nightmares – your subconscious is dealing with it! awareness and nightmares

Your Suggestible Subconscious

suggestible subconsciousMy work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist is about helping people to use their subconscious minds in a way that benefits them mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. I believe in helping people to train their subconscious minds not just to overcome unwanted negative thought and behavioural patterns but to reach their full positive potential. suggestible subconsciousous

I feel very fortunate that I am able to help people bring out the best in themselves and to lead happy, successful and peaceful lives. Many clients report transformations quite quickly and are often amazed at the shift in their perspectives. A good example would be the shift from dependency on emotional eating to choosing to release emotions in a safe and healthy way such as going for a run or to a yoga class. The truth is that these transformations are simply the subconscious mind responding to the client’s conscious commands.
Your subconscious is incredibly susceptible to suggestion and, like a child, it generally believes what you tell it. Hence the thoughts you have are paramount to the life you create.
This week, each morning practise this uplifting affirmation which focuses on the choice we all have to be the master of our minds.
First thing when you open your eyes, say to yourself with feeling and energy:
‘Today I choose happiness, health and success. I choose love and harmony in all my relations. I choose peace and serenity for my mind.’ 

As the day progresses and if you find yourself slipping from this mindset, gently  remind yourself of the choice you have made.  It is not the events that happen in your life that shape you, but your response to them; how you respond is your choice.  By programming  your subconscious first thing in the morning you are literally wiring yourself for wellness.

suggestible subconscious

Positive Pause – 18th April 2016 – The Orchestra of Your Mind

Orchestra of Your MindRecently I spent a lovely evening with my mother and her friend at the National Concert Hall. Orchestra of your Mind

The music was  by Rachmaninoff and featured his piano Concerto No 3 which is notorious for being one of the most difficult pieces of music to play in the world.

I was absolutely enthralled and absorbed not only by the music that I heard but also by the room, the musicians and in particular, the composer. He was a young man who conducted his orchestra with incredible passion, precision and love.

Think of your subconscious mind with its numerous emotions, feelings and thoughts as  an orchestra and then consider for a moment that the conductor represents consciousness.  By bringing conscious awareness to yourself you are, in a sense, conducting your own mind and choosing which parts of you are the best to focus on, which parts create beauty and which parts allow you to reach your optimum health and well-being.

This week make time to listen to Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No.3 and allow yourself to escape into the magic and drama of his music.

Positive Pause – 28th December 2015 – Embrace January!

embrace januaryEmbrace January!

As the dawn of 2016 rises this January 1st, many of us will be shaking off the excess of New Year’s Eve celebrations and the many Christmas parties. This is the time of year when traditionally we begin to expect a lot of ourselves to make changes in our lives.

From this expectation comes pressure and from pressure comes stress and from stress comes nothing but exhaustion and an excess of cortical in your system. The cortisol leaves you drained and decreases your immune system. When we are stressed we are evidently not in a position to create positive change.

This January, take away all the pressure to change, to set goals, to make New Year’s resolutions. When we take the pressure off ourselves we actually achieve more.  You don’t need to change, if you wish to embrace change, find the part of you that already knows how to do this effortlessly and easily. For example, if this year you have set yourself a goal of  getting properly fit, think back to similar positive changes you have made in the past. Imagine yourself already fit, toned and full of energy. Your subconscious will start to manifest the changes from your thoughts and feelings so that, before you know it, you will find yourself going for a run and wanting to do this without any sense of pressure or reliance on will-power.

The power of your imagination is limitless; by tricking your body into already feeling the rewards of being fit, of getting the a new job, of meeting the love of your life, then you will start to create the chemical in your brain that attracts that into your life.

Make 2016 a year of no pressure and an abundance of success in every way.  Embrace January! Embrace positivity!

Positive Pause – 19th October 2015 – Mindflight

Plane in skyThis week, tap into the power of your imagination. Living in the present moment is an incredible technique that helps you to appreciate the wonder of being alive.  However, if your imagination feels like going on a journey, allow it to roam free and see your future.  Allow your mind to visualise your dreams as if they are already true. The beauty of the subconscious mind is that it does not understand the difference between reality and imagination. By closing your eyes and visualising whatever it is that you desire your body and mind will benefit from a sense of accomplishment and success.

In addition to experiencing an incredible moment in your mind, you are laying the seeds that will allow you to realise your dream both in your mind and in reality.  When we use our minds in this way, we automatically look for and act upon opportunities that allow our dreams to become our reality.  This is mindflight.