Positive Pause – 4th January 2016 – The Wishing Tree

wishing treeIn the Phoenix park, just beside the visitors centre and Ashtown Castle, there is a remarkable tree.  It is so large that you can climb under its branches and children often play there, climbing and jumping under the beautiful boughs. It creates a magical space and a place where children are told wishes come true.  It is a wishing tree.  In such an enchanted place, allow yourself to rise above the mundane and you will believe that your wishes will come true.

This week, find a place in nature or in your imagination where you transport yourself to a magical place from where you can make a wish.  Then make a wish for something that you desire and using the power of visualization imagine this wish is already true.

As adults we are often to afraid to wish for something in case it does not transpire. Children make a leap of faith where they wish for things.  When these manifests they believe in the power of the wish.  Be brave enough to wish and then detach yourself from any outcome.  You may be pleasantly surprised when the wish comes true.

The wishing tree