The Positive Habit Weekly Blog - 9th October, 2017 - the Heart of the Matter

When I was 10 years old my Dad drew me a picture of his heart. I can still remember it like it was yesterday – he sat me down on his knee in his study and drew his heart on a scrap of paper. He explained that there are three major arteries that carry blood from the heart to the body and then he took his pen and scribbled in between the lines to show that his arteries were blocked and that he needed a triple bypass. He was only 39 years old, on the cusp of turning 40. That image stays with me today.Last week my dad rushed himself to hospital with major angina pain that had been building over the last while and was no longer possible to ignore.  I was in the flow of my normal day and between clients when I got a message from him to say that he was in hospital. If you have experienced such a call you will know that your own heart seems to stop for a moment and you sense that life has suddenly taken an unexpected and unwanted twist.

Along with my Dad’s very positive attitude and an incredibly talented surgeon who put the thirteenth stent into my Dad’s heart, I can happily say that we can all breathe easily once more. My Dad’s life has been extended yet again, he is now 72, very strong and full of life.

My dad said something after his procedure that also stuck with me and that is that the heart is a miraculous organ. One day his life had literally been hanging by a thread and the next he was back in the game.

The heart pumps blood and life through our veins but it does much more than that, the heart is also the centre of the emotions. When we operate from our hearts we connect to the full joy of life.

Seeing my Dad and the other patients in hospital really brought home to me the importance of the work the medical and nursing staff do to save lives. I was reminded that my job is to preventative as it is based on helping people to look after themselves in clearing away toxic negative emotions, helping them also to manage stress and anxiety and to embrace a healthy lifestyle that fully honours them.

The second of the current ‘Love Yourself Slim’ workshops was a great success and the feedback was five stars all the way! Elsa and I were overjoyed with the positive feedback – there was a lot of tears, laughter hugs and a feeling that something significant had happened in the mindset of the women in their relationship to themselves and to food. This is just the beginning…

Have a wonderful week, look after your heart and I look forward to sharing some more insights next week. Keep sharing!

World Mental Health Day – Tuesday, October 10th

I will be on the Pat Kenny Show (Newstalk) on Tuesday 10th October, World Mental Health Day discussing the importance of caring for your mental health.  It will air at about so tune in if you can. I will post a link to the podcast here next week.

heart of the matter


is this Thursday, 12th October and is now sold out!
I will post and share the video once it becomes available.

The title of my talk is:

‘Your Subconscious Power – Learn to Parent Yourself’ 

To see the full speaker line-up please visit:
It promises to be an educational and entertaining evening.

heart of the matter

The Positive Habit continues to help people all over the world.

Our latest five-star testimonial was:

September 27, 2017
“With the help of this programme and the added benefit of Fiona’s authentic and caring manner, this programme is helping me to overcome both a chronic health condition and understand my unhealthy patterns and for this I am grateful. The only downside is that I am at the end of it, as I found it of great support and looked forward to learning how to change my life for the better. I am hoping to be able to continue with the monthly maintenance programme one day. Many thanks.”

We have had to remove The Positive Habit Plus program for the moment due to Fiona’s busy schedule.

You can of course still register for The Positive Habit, Self-Help Program

heart of the matter