The Positive Habit Weekly Blog - 30th October 2017 - The Human Spirit is Indomitable

Happy Bank Holiday Monday wherever you may be – I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxing and happy day.

On Friday the weather was simply stunning in Dublin.  You know, one of those bright sunny days that seem to have an energy all of their own.  Everything was super clear and the air buoyant with joy.  I had been working hard all week and decided the day was just too beautiful to be stuck inside so I got Rosie, the dog and Luca, the boy outside to the beach.  Rosie on a lead, Luca on a scooter.  We raced along the front and I had one of those moments when I actually felt so happy I was almost sad?!

It was almost as if I was nostalgic for the present moment.

Do you ever get that feeling? It sounds strange but for me, it is the joy of being fully present with the addition of a tiny voice at the back of my mind that reminds me that this is not forever; in short that I will die and everyone I love will die.  A heavy thought I know, especially when you are feeling so happy.

After a lot of running and messing around we sat down on a bench and in this state of happy sadness with the beautiful view of the beach and the sun on our faces, I turned to him and said something I am sure many parents feel, perhaps, especially, parents of only children: “I can’t believe you will be ten soon.”  When he asked me what it was like when he was born my happy/sad emotions surged even more. I told him that the first time he looked at me was the most uplifting moment of my life and that he exuded this incredible light. Ironically, I called him Luca – which in Italian means ‘Bringer of Light – Man from Luciana’ not consciously  realising at that time the meaning – it just seemed to fit.  The birth had been hard and we were so fortunate that he made it; born at 4.2lbs he was tiny but thankfully had a strong spirit.

The Human Spirit is Indomitable.

On Saturday evening, the three of us went to see the well-known play, ‘Tom Crean – Antartic Explorer’ which is a one-man show performed by the incredibly talented actor, Aidan Dooley and based on the true story of the intrepid explorer from Kerry who played such a significant role in the famous Antartic voyages of Scott and Shakleton.  We were transfixed as we watched the actor breathe Tom Crean back to life – his performance was so authentic that it felt like Aidan Dooley WAS Tom Crean.

Crean was known for his positive outlook, even when it looked as if all were lost he would laugh and joke helping to keep morale and spirits high in the most gruelling, life threatening and harsh environments.  Man’s spirit of survival is truly awe-inspiring. Our ability to be indomitable and unshakeable is at the heart of having a resilient mindset. We can see this even in a tiny baby who wants to be loved, to connect and to be part of the adventure of life. Just like Luca all those 10 years ago!

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human spirit is indomitable

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human spirit is indomitable