The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 7th May, 2018 – a Walk Under the Blossom Trees

Dear Positive Habit People,

Happy bank holiday and I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the glorious weather.

Last Thursday, having brought my son and his pals to the park and given that the weather was lovely, I decided to take a mindful walk under the many blossom trees. I gazed in awe at the beautiful cherry blossom which takes only one week to fully blossom after which it starts to shed and lasts only a few short weeks. Such beauty seems even more precious given its short life span.

As I walked, soaking in as much of the beauty as I could, I came across a young man, probably in his early twenties, poised at the side of the lake, shoes off, sitting underneath one of the magical trees, sitting upright with his legs crossed and deep in meditation. I could feel his calming energy radiate towards me so I decided to sit on a bench behind him and savour some peaceful moments for myself. As I opened my eyes a gentle gust of wind caused the tree to shed so many beautiful petals and my little buddha friend became surrounded by the gentle fall of pink and white leaves like confetti at a wedding. I spent the rest of the day radiating serenity although the best people to validate that are probably my family!

Today or one day this week, take a cherry blossom walk, appreciate and soak in their beauty while you can. Indeed your life is like the cherry blossom; it is precious and wonderful and in order to appreciate it you need to stop, take a moment and soak in all that you bring to the world.

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The Positive Habit – Anxiety-Free, Stress-Free – Week 14

“The Ark Technique for dealing with negative thoughts and anxiety.”

walk under the blossom trees

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