me-timeThe phrase “me-time” is banded about a lot along in self-care programmes.  I am a big believer in both.

The concept of me-time is very subjective: we all have different ideas of what qualifies as me-time. Essentially though, me-time is time spent doing what you want to do and something that benefits you directly.

Me time for me is simply being on my own, it really doesn’t matter what I am doing.  I could be cleaning my car (although that is highly unlikely), I could be sitting having a coffee and watching the world go by or I could be doing some visualisation/self hypnosis at home. What I really love about me-time is the feeling of being complete and in harmony with myself. This is akin to spending time with someone I love and enjoy being  with. There is no pressure and I can behave in anyway I want and they will understand what I mean.

It is a pleasure to spend time with me and the best thing about it is that my schedule never clashes with myself and I can always make time for me.

The core idea behind me time is that when you make time for yourself you are taking care of yourself and ultimately this makes you a nicer person.  As a result everyone wins!

This week, please take some me-time for yourself.