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You must consent and sign this contract on the Explore You Questionnaire and submit it at least 48 hours below your scheduled therapy session. This confirms that you have read, understood and have freely given your consent to engage in therapy and separately, that you have also given your consent under the requirements of GDPR 2018.


Your coach will treat your voluntary disclosure of sensitive and personal information in a confidential manner and in accordance with GDPR 2018, except in the following circumstances: (a) Concern about actual or possible serious physical harm or death, including threatened suicide or terrorism. (b) Under Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children, 2017: Disclosure of a named child abuser (a child is 18 or under) or abuse (including bullying) towards vulnerable persons by a client or child, including historical cases, requires mandatory referral of suspicions or reasonable grounds concerning bullying to the HSE Duty Social Worker (full details on (c) Anonymously, as part of professional supervision. You are also expected to keep your sessions confidential to support your outcome.

Respect for the Rights and Dignity of a Client

Your coach will not intentionally intrude on matters that do not relate to therapy; your dignity will be respected, including your moral and cultural values.


It is important to ensure that your therapist is qualified to provide the services you engage. Please find all relevant information on my website

Shared Responsibility

Your coach is totally committed to helping you achieve your realistic outcome and she will act in a trustworthy, reputable and accountable manner to provide the service you require. Similarly, your total co-operation and commitment are required to achieve the best outcome. This will include journaling, undertaking exercises between sessions and fully participating in the therapeutic process. Having made the decision to attend hypnotherapy coaching, it is important that you commit to the process fully. You have the option after your first session to book a further five sessions. The first three sessions are spaced roughly four weeks apart with the final two three months apart as maintenance sessions. For a successful outcome it is essential you listen to your tailored hypnotherapy audio. If there is a personality mismatch between you and your therapist or if the nature of your consultation requires a different level of expertise, this will be discussed without delay.

Code of Ethics

Your coach will honour professional commitments and treat you with respect, fairness, openness and honesty in a non-judgemental manner.  She will answer any questions you may have to the best of her ability.  If a conflict of interest arises, she will address the matter immediately and will not intentionally take advantage of the professional relationship in any way. If it becomes apparent that you are not fully committed (cancelling/changing appointment times/not showing up, avoiding homework or acting in a way that suggests you are not ready to commit to therapy), your therapist will discuss the issue(s) with you, renegotiate or terminate the Contract.

Consultation and Hypnotherapy Treatment Details

Your first session involves clarifying details of the contract, discussing your pre-session homework and outlining a strategy to help you to reach your goal.  Your therapist will answer any questions you may have. It is an opportunity to build trust and decide whether you and your coach are a good match.  An evaluation of your needs will inform agreed goals and help to identify steps to achieve a realistic outcome (this plan may be amended as therapy progresses). By the end of the session, your coach will discuss and agree on the most appropriate intervention. Your therapist does not treat serious depressive disorders or psychosis e.g. schizophrenia, which is the remit of a psychiatrist.  A session lasts 60 minutes. Sessions are a mix of talk therapy and hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapy sessions are a process of helping you to reach a very relaxed state in which your conscious mind is quiet and your subconscious is more open to positive suggestions.  Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs.

It is your responsibility to arrive on time, as unfortunately, delays cannot be made up at the end of a session.

Disclosure and Disclaimer

Services offered are not intended to substitute those provided by your mental health professional (doctor, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist).  Your coach is not in a position to diagnose, offer a prognosis, treat or cure medical conditions, illnesses, or diseases; neither does she write reports for solicitors if litigation is involved with a third party. If you are experiencing any mental health issue, please consult with your mental health provider first, before exploring alternatives to traditional medicine. If you are taking medication, please do not discontinue taking it without your doctor’s consent. Your results may vary and results cannot be guaranteed because success depends on a number of factors, including your background, discipline, readiness for change and commitment to the process.

Governing Law and Informed Consent

The terms and conditions of this Coaching Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland, and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with these terms and conditions.  Your signature and email confirmation confirms that you have read this Coaching Contract, and agree to abide by its terms, method of contact and have voluntarily provided details of next of kin in the event of an emergency.

Cancellation Policy – Please Read

All fees must be paid online one session in advance. In the event that the client needs to cancel or reschedule an agreed appointment they must give 48 hours notice.  This notice must be acknowledged as received by Fiona Brennan.

If 48 hours notice is given and acknowledged no fee will be due with regards to the scheduled appointment and it can then be rescheduled.

Failure to give 48 hours notice of cancellation will result in the cost in full of the appointment becoming due.

Once this fee has been settled, the client is free to reschedule another appointment.