does pleasure lead to happiness

Consider for a moment the difference between pleasure and happiness. Is the man in the picture above feeling pleasure or happiness? What’s the difference and does one always lead to the other?Last week I was working on the content for the upcoming “Love Yourself Slim” workshops and really trying to get across the idea that it is not about favouring one body type over another; ‘slim’ in this sense simply means ‘healthy’.  Do you love yourself healthy? And if not, take a moment to consider what is holding you back? Quite often we have negative conditioned beliefs from our past that lead us to believe we need something outside of ourselves to improve our lives.  Whether that is a big house, an expensive car or food that ‘comforts’ us, these material things actually bring us a lot more discomfort and stress than comfort and happiness.

Being healthy in body and healthy in mind is happiness.

Pleasure is something that is transient – indulging in chocolate, alcohol or drugs may bring a temporary sense of pleasure but ultimately such behaviour can lead to great unhappiness. How can we truly feel happy if we are not healthy?

One of the principal messages I want to convey in my work is that it is essential for us to focus on behaviour that is pleasurable but at the same time leads to our greater happiness.  Retraining our neural pathways to accept behaviour that truly and genuinely rewards us is crucial. For example, if an unwanted emotion arises, then rather than trying to escape from it by indulging in food, alcohol or shopping, we learn to take the courage to accept and sit with the emotion before choosing an alternative positive behaviour that really rewards us such as going for a walk, practising yoga or having a chat with a close friend or family member.

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journey of kindness
If you would like to watch the show from last Monday when Elsa Jones and I appeared to chat about the forthcoming ‘Love Yourself Slim’ workshops, please click here and set the player to 17 mins 50 seconds.
journey of kindness
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