Testimonials – Emotional Eating

A month ago the sceptic in me would have said that there is no way hypnotherapy works. That it’s all in the mind. A month later and a dress size smaller I’d say that’s exactly the point.
Ruth O’Connor – Irish Times Journalist

I’d like to thank you for helping me make a permanent change in my life–I feel like a new person and everyone seems to notice the changes (beyond the weight loss) too!
Lisa, 31, Dublin, (4 sessions – 12 months after therapy, lost 2 stone)

I have not eaten one single piece of junk food since I first met you, even on my birthday – which is nothing short of a miracle. I just have no desire to at all. My hubby even bought me a bar of ‘relatively healthy’ 85% dark chocolate for my birthday and I ended up re-gifting it after a few weeks as I just didn’t want to eat it and it would have gone to waste! Before I met you, that bar of chocolate would not have lasted 5 minutes! In short, I’m feeling great and I’m so grateful to you.
Maeve, 35, Kilkenny, (3 Sessions – 8 months after therapy, lost 13lbs)

I feel very healthy and fit and go to the gym 3 times a week now – it is automatic for me.
Paul 26, Dublin,(2 sessions – 6 months after therapy, lost 12lbs)

Many thanks for all your work last year. It was a very positive experience and I’m doing well staying off chocolate esp over Christmas.
Geraldine, 62, Dublin ( 3 months after therapy, lost 2 stone)

I never believed I would be able to stay away from junk for so long – the strangest part is I don’t miss it at all.
Jim, 40, Carlow, (5 sessions – 3 months after therapy, lost 12lbs)

I literally haven’t touched a chocolate, biscuit or crisp since our sessions.
Jane, 43, Dublin, (3 sessions – 4 months after therapy, lost 8lbs)

My relationship with food is much healthier and I just eat when I am hungry not when I am upset, stressed or even bored.
Collette, 26, Cork, (2 sessions – 6 months after therapy, lost 13lbs)