Light Up Your World 8 weeks

Sleep peacefully, release anxiety and feel powerful

The Essential Online Eight-Week Hypnotherapy Programme

What's Included?

  • 8 Modules + Intro & Conclusion
  • 26 Videos
  • 8 Quizzes to evaluate your progress
  • 5 Brand new hypnotherapy audios (2 night time, 2 morning & a special nap time audio)
  • 1 Powerful morning affirmation audio
  • 24 Practical tips/tools
  • 24 Journalling prompts
  • Extra audio guidance from Fiona
  • Interactive – a supportive space for people to share comments & help each other

Introduction: Course Instructor & Content

Welcome! Fiona introduces herself the course content and the aims of the course. Taking the time to light up your life is the most selfless thing you can do for yourself and others. Give yourself the time you deserve, no rush. Complete the exercises, listen to the audios and witness the magic of your own mind.

Video - 10 mins.

Module 1 : Explore You

  • Why Calmness is Your Superpower
  • The Heart of Calmness
  • The Wisdom of the Heart

Videos – 36 mins.

Module 2 : Acceptance is Transformation

  • Change the Way You Breathe – Change Your Life
  • Learn the Art of Acceptance
  • Question Your Thoughts

Videos – 29 mins.

Module 3 : Releasing

  • How to Let Go of the Past
  • How to Let Go in the Moment
  • Practising Non-Attachment

Videos – 33 mins.

Module 4 : The Art of Compassion

  • Learn the Art of Self-Compassion
  • Compassion to Make the World Better
  • Develop a Gratitude Attitude

Videos – 30 mins.

Module 5 : The Courage to Find Your Light

  • Permission to Be Happy
  • Imagine You Can Fly
  • Find Your Flow

Videos – 35min.

Module 6 : The Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Sleep Peacefully
  • The Second Pillar – Exercise
  • Eat Less, Drink Less – Live Longer

Videos – 35mins.

Module 7 : Time to Light Up

  • Light Up Your Connections
  • Light Up Your Biology
  • Light Up Self-Love

Videos – 35 mins.

Module 8 : Light Up Your World

  • Light Up Your Purpose
  • Light Up Altruism
  • Light Up Your Power

Videos – 35min.

Conclusion : Sustain Your Practice

The conclusion summarises what you have learnt and makes some suggestions as to how you can sustain your positive mindset and habits to enable you to live in a state of thriving.

Video – 10 mins.

Fiona Brennan

Instructor & Course Creator

An acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist with a constantly booked-out private clinic, Fiona is a two-times best-selling author, the mental health expert on Newstalk’s ‘Alive & Kicking’ show, a TEDx speaker and appears regularly in the mainstream media where she is an ambassador for positive thinking and wellbeing.

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