greek seaMy mind is clear as the light in Greece.”
Austin Clarke

In the idyllic Greek Islands ferries go back and forth from Athens and between the islands. If you look to the back of the boat, you will see the incredible effect the boats propellers have on the sea as they cut though the waves. The salt rises to the top and there is a mix of white and an incredible aqua marine colour foam that  is sprayed across the navy sea.

This giant salt trail is being constantly created as the boat moves through the water,  but when you cast your eye way back you can see the sea as if it was never disturbed. With all the unrest in Greece over the last while,  we can only hope that what with the laws of nature and in a country that invented democracy, things will return to calm.

Keep faith this week that when you experience any unrest in your mind that shortly it will become clear and calm again.