This week tap into the part of you that loves to laugh. Recall what it was like to be a child when your main concern was to play, have fun with friends and above all, laugh. As we grow up, we inevitably acquire a lot of responsibilities that we did not have when we we were younger.  However, the importance of bringing laughter into our daily lives is essential for our well-being.

Find opportunities for humour, observe yourself and how often you laugh naturally. Seek out positive people who give you positive energy and who make you feel lighter and more open to humour.  It is important to protect your energy from negative forces.  Notice how wonderful it feels when you let go and have a good laugh: endorphins are released making you feel much happier and open to joy.  Another positive aspect is, as research demonstrates, that laughter is infectious so that when you laugh everyone else around you will also benefit from the joy of laughter.