This week, consider the concept of rewards and more specifically how you choose to reward yourself after a long day at work, an intense day minding the kids, a meeting you had been dreading or having completed the chores of cleaning, cooking etc.

The truth is that we are generally  highly motivated to achieve something if we believe a reward will come at the end of our labours.  Many people have been conditioned to believe that comfort foods or alcohol or smoking is a reward that will help them to relax.  If you have any unwanted behaviours that you wish to change now is the time to change the reward patterns in your brain.

When we  experience having energy, feeling strong and healthy, feeling positive and able to manage life we have a choice to link this positive feeling  into the  reward systems of our brain.  This it the true reward for our hard work and efforts.  When we overeat, drink too much or take recreational drugs or smoke then we are in fact depriving ourselves under the illusion that we are rewarding ourselves.  Reward yourself wisely.