Testimonials – Confidence & Public Speaking

I used all of your tools, I imagined the beach, I did my power poses, I calmed myself every time I felt panicky over the week-end, I checked out the venue,  I chose my outfit, I did lot’s of breathing and I was great on the night. I felt nervous before but I went out of sight did my power pose and came back in and just got into it. I had some nerves at the very beginning but I used my finger and thumb. Those memorised lines at the beginning really saved me and by the middle of the presentation I was in flying form. Thank you so much!

I cannot wait for our next session as I really want to keep working on this area and improving. I am going to have lot’s more public speaking and presentations to conquer over the next few months.

*** did not come in the end. She said she was confident in my abilities. All of their evaluations rated my delivery at 5 (the highest) and all of them said the training fully met or exceeded their expectations! The feedback was great but that was just a bonus! The fact that I did it and got through it feels amazing.


I feel I still have lots of confidence and much higher self esteem. I’m really enjoying being pregnant and have (for the most part!) felt brilliant.
Jane, 32, Wicklow, (3 sessions – 6 months after treatment)

I wake up genuinely looking forward to my day, I’m more assertive at work and I am even feeling confident enough to consider a career change.
JP, Meath, 38.

My presentations are flowing so easily, I still have the nerves but in a good way and I am able to hold my ground and speak my mind clearly- it is incredible.
Brian, 46, Mullingar, (4 sessions – 6 months after treatment)

I have had the confidence to leave my job and to start my own business- it is going really well.
Declan, 36, Trim, (3 sessions – 8 months after treatment)