The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 5th March, 2018 – Slow Time

Dear Positive Habit people,

I hope you are all well and safe this Monday morning. A big thanks to all those who worked on the emergency response to the extreme weather and helped keep roads open and got people to hospital etc.

If you live in Ireland as many of my readers do and especially if you live in the East of the country you will be waking up to the first ‘normal’ day after the extreme weather of the past week with #thebeastfromtheeast and #stormemma which forced most of us into hibernation to escape from the elements. The media hype over this was almost relentless and for those of us prone to anxiety it felt like setting a foot outside the door could lead to imminent death!

SO…how did you respond?  Being cooped up at home for days on end, especially if you have kids, can be quite a challenge. When we are forced to ‘slow down’ by such events we are provided with a rare opportunity to learn about ourselves and how we respond to the situation.

Busyness creates the perfect hiding place, so what happens when we have no choice but to slow down?

Personally, part of me went straight into resistance mode on Wednesday morning when the snow started; what do you mean we have to cancel the meeting? Why can’t my clients travel to their appointments? How dare the school close? How inconvenient! Why is my husband home from work in the middle of the day?

Thankfully, when I accepted the situation things got brighter and it wasn’t just the reflection from the amazing snow! I seized the opportunity with both hands, grabbed a snowball and threw it at my son! It was even beginning to feel a lot like the Christmas holidays so we roasted a chicken and baked cakes. I found myself playing chess and started to make a dress with my mum and son, something I’ve wanted to do for ages. Many years ago, when I was a child, my mother made her own clothes so cutting the fabric and following the pattern made me appreciate the beauty of making something from scratch and the connection I have with my loved ones. Each time I wear the dress this summer I will be reminded of that special time, the snow of 2018!

Nature has taught us a lesson – that we need to implement more of this ‘slow time’ to help us to reconnect – no matter what the weather!

Have a lovely, snow-free week and please watch the latest in my video series The Positive Habit, Stress-Free, Anxiety-Free, Week Five – How to Release Anxiety With Compassion.

The feedback for the previous videos has been great and I am delighted that they are helping people to live more peacefully.

If you get a chance this morning at, tune into the Dermot & Dave Show on Today FM for Mind Yourself Now! I’ll be discussing social anxiety which affects almost 20% of Irish people.

slow time

The Positive Habit – Anxiety Free – Stress-Free – Week 5 – Tips and Hacks for Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

How to Release Anxiety With Compassion

slow time

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